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November 5, 2022

How Long Will It Take to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

How Long Will It Take to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

This is a question that all aspiring affiliate marketers ask.

It would be great to be able to give a definitive answer, like a week, a month or even a year.

But of course, the answer is "it depends".

First of all, it depends on your current skill level.

If you're already familiar with the WordPress platform, know how to build a website, can create an offer, collect visitors names and email addresses and connect with an autoresponder, then you already have a skill set that you can use to springboard into affiliate marketing in no time flat.

That's not most people.

And probably not you either.

But all of these skills are learnable.

And how quickly you can learn them depends on just two factors:

  • How much time and effort you are willing to put into it and
  • The quality of your teacher and the level of real-world experience they bring to the table.

Sit and Listen or Learn by Doing Affiliate Marketing

Learn by Doing Affiliate Marketing

If you're at all like me, you didn't learn at school by sitting and listening to a teacher.

Or for that matter a university lecturer.

No, the real learning takes place when you actually start to put in practice what you've learned in theory.

You learn by doing.

Even more so when you attend a tutorial.

Where you're still learning by doing, but with a mentor easing you over the hurdles one-on-one.

That's what I want to offer you here.

My personal help to turn you into a successful internet marketer.

With a huge boost over the first hurdle by building your website for you.

Just go to Your $499 Website and fill in your name and email address.

I'll send you the details of how to proceed.

In the meantime, I've tried to answer all your affiliate marketing questions at Affiliate Marketing: Your Questions Answered.

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Phil Lancaster

Phil is a septuagenarian who has now funded his retirement through internet marketing.

"It's both enjoyable and lucrative," says Phil. "and can literally be run from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Like many others out there, I initially poured money into the bright, shiny pebbles. The one off, brilliant opportunities that promised an overnight income with the push of a button. The only thing they did, besides suck up funds like a vacuum cleaner, money that I couldn't afford, was take up so much time that I ended up depressed as well as poorer. It wasn't until I learned how to build a genuine business (I now have 22 of them) in both affiliate marketing and e-commerce, using the platform and tools that I tell you about on this website, that I turned it all around. I now make a substantial and sustainable retirement income and I want to teach you how to do the same."

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