April 4, 2019

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Phil Lancaster

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    Phil Lancaster

    Phil is a septuagenarian who has now funded his retirement through internet marketing. "It's both enjoyable and lucrative," says Phil. "and can literally be run from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Like many others out there, I initially poured money into the bright, shiny pebbles. The one off, brilliant opportunities that promised an overnight income with the push of a button. The only thing they did, besides suck up funds like a vacuum cleaner, money that I couldn't afford, was take up so much time that I ended up depressed as well as poorer. It wasn't until I learned how to build a genuine business (I now have 22 of them) in both affiliate marketing and e-commerce, using the platform and tools that I tell you about on this website, that I turned it all around. I now make a substantial and sustainable retirement income and I want to teach you how to do the same."

    Pauline - April 9, 2019

    Hi Phil This is interesting. Will give consideration.

      ade - April 9, 2019


      I think that you will find it a worthwhile task. I have worked with Phil on backlinks before, and it really does have a powerful benefit to your site. Add that benefit to a working group for the challenge, doesn’t seem like there is much downside to the proposal.

        Phil Lancaster - April 9, 2019

        Thanks, Ade, clearly I totally agree. The thing here is that as a motivated group working in the same niche, both our backlinks and our comments will have real SEO value.

        And as well we can help each other with advice and technical help as well.

    Joe Plale - April 9, 2019

    Heya Phil,
    Not sure If/How this is going to work, but If You are willing to take a chance on Me, I am ready to DO It 🙂
    Upward and Onward, M’Friend

      Phil Lancaster - April 9, 2019

      Hi Joe, you need to click on Q&A in the main menu and leave your response there. It will explain what we intend doing.

    Derrence Smaage - April 9, 2019

    hi Phil. I installed monster plug in per your suggestionto use with google analytics. Now website says configure google analytics. Then says I have to go to wordpress.org and pay 2.75 a month to blue host. Can you give me advice? Thanks

      Phil Lancaster - April 9, 2019

      Sorry Derry, but you’ve done something weird but I have no idea what it is.

      I’ll try to find the time to put together a step by step instruction. But basically you should just put the Google Analytics code into Monster Insights where it asks you to and then just a couple of button presses.

      Next time I install it on a website I’ll screenshot each step in the process.

      In the meantime, I’d suggest you just delete it.

        Derrence Smaage - April 10, 2019

        Do you mean delete the plugin monster?

          Phil Lancaster - April 10, 2019

          Yes, Derry. I’ll prepare step by step training so you can try it again.

          I’ve installed it on multiple sites and have never seen what you’ve described so would like you to start over.

    Carlos Gusts - April 9, 2019

    I would like to know if there is an agenda for the challenge.Will it take the form of a course or step by step assignments? It is not clear to me how the challenge is structured.

      Phil Lancaster - April 9, 2019

      It’s based on the bootcamp training so you need to be doing that.

      Additionally, Kyle will be emailing and/or blogging weekly with specific tasks to move along towards the goal.

    Derrence Smaage - April 10, 2019

    The only thing I did was install the plugin according to your directions in a post you wrote about how to speed up Google Analytics.

      Phil Lancaster - April 10, 2019

      Well, I don’t know what went wrong, Derrence.

      As I said, I’ll get back to you when I’ve got a step by step, illustrated guide.

    Simon - April 11, 2019

    Hi Phil, the links on https://superaffiliatechallenge.com/wealthy-affiliate/ are all self referential of the form https://superaffiliatechallenge.com/wealthy-affiliate/# They dont link off to other content.

    I would like to know more.


      Phil Lancaster - April 11, 2019

      Thanks for noticing and pointing that out, Simon. The images were linked correctly but not the buttons. I’ve fixed it now.

      What would you like to know more about?

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