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July 10, 2023

4-7 of 7 Proven Steps to Using AI for Rapid List Building

4 of 7 Proven Steps to Use AI for Rapid List Building

(See the previous blog post for the other three).

Having a list of targeted subscribers ready to receive your emails at any time provides you with a direct communication channel to your customers, eliminating the uncertainty of them rediscovering your business when they're ready to make a purchase.

Many marketers make the mistake of deferring list building until their business becomes significantly large. However, this creates a paradox because a robust list is an essential component for business growth.

Consistent communication with your target audience builds a unique relationship that sets you apart from competitors. But building such a list isn't an immediate process.

If your marketing strategy solely depends on blogging and SEO, gaining the ranking needed to attract substantial numbers of subscribers can take time. Moreover, most novice marketers lack the financial resources to invest in paid advertisements to attract more people to their list.

Given the fierce competition in this industry for consumer attention, you need a unique selling proposition that persuades people to provide you with their contact information.

You'll find a lot more help with your affiliate marketing business at Affiliate Marketing: Your Questions Answered.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can aid in the speedy development of your list, as they enhance the conversion rates of your landing pages and offers. This allows you to broaden your reach and scale your list building efforts with ease. You can use AI for rapid list building.

Below are the last four of seven strategies to expedite the growth of your targeted subscriber list, enabling you to use these contacts as a competitive advantage in niche marketing.

Step #4 - Harness AI's Ability to Create an Affordable Lead Generating Ad Campaign

Lead Generating Ad Campaign

Many newcomers avoid paid advertising because they fear wasting money while trying to build their audience. However, this strategy can rapidly increase your subscriber count, and with AI assistance, you can optimize your outcomes and minimize expenses.

AI can not only craft your innovative ad campaigns but also ensure you have an array of advertisements for effective split testing. This technology can design diverse ads, ranging from static images to video campaigns, and deploy them across various platforms.

You can instruct the AI if your ad will run on Google or another search engine, on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, or any other social media platform. Some marketers prefer to utilize solo ad offers, enabling them to advertise to another person's subscriber list.

Should you choose this approach, AI can assist you in formulating the email content that will be sent out, ensuring high conversion rates and drawing the most suitable subscribers to your list. If you prefer traditional ad campaigns, AI can guide you through the entire setup process, like identifying your audience, deciding your bids, determining your daily ad spend, and more.

Due to AI's capacity to analyze user behavior, it can also deduce, given your demographic and niche, the most opportune time to display your ads on each social media platform.

Step #5 - Employ the Use of AI for SEO List Building Success

Use AI for SEO

Ranking high in search engines is a popular method employed by online entrepreneurs to grow their lists. However, SEO is a continuously changing field and managing it, especially when it involves publishing hundreds of blog pages, can be challenging.

Fortunately, AI can take this burden off your shoulders. It's capable of addressing both the strategic aspects of content SEO and the technical, on-page SEO issues that can expedite or hamper your list-building efforts.

Initially, you should utilize AI to optimize every piece of content you produce. It should not only ensure the correct use of primary keywords and related terms, but it should also satisfy both the search engine algorithms and human readers.

Search engines like Google are in search of content that effectively caters to their users' needs. This necessitates comprehensive, authoritative content that leaves the reader satisfied with the information they've found.

AI tools can be employed to help you craft detailed, pillar blog posts that thoroughly cover a given topic. Additionally, it can personalize your content, fostering trust between you and your audience.

AI can also examine your on-page SEO components and provide feedback on whether your meta descriptions, tags, headers, and other elements are correctly implemented.

The ability to optimize your website for voice search is another strength of AI. This is a growing consideration for search engines given the increasing prevalence of voice-activated devices like Alexa and Siri in households.

AI tools can also evaluate your technical SEO, informing you if your pages are loading smoothly and swiftly for users. Furthermore, it can assess how well your site displays on various mobile devices - a priority for Google, as a significant proportion of searches are performed on smartphones.

AI can also verify if your pages render correctly on different browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and others. With all your SEO elements in place and the help of AI in quickly generating content, you can rapidly grow your list and outperform your competition in search engine results pages (SERPs).

At the start, AI can provide a list of general and long-tail keyword phrases to target, along with related keywords to create a well-rounded content piece. After publication, you can also use AI to devise a backlink strategy by identifying sites likely to consider your content a valuable resource for their readers. It can even assist in drafting the proposal that you send to these site owners.

Step #6 - Swipe Your Competitors' Lists with an AI Product Funnel Strategy

AI Product Funnel

If you're eager to rapidly expand your subscriber list, consider launching a product that will attract affiliates who target the same audience you wish to reach. AI can assist you with each step in this process.

AI can generate ideas for a product that will draw both affiliates and consumers. It can also map out and develop the product, determine its pricing, write your sales copy, build your affiliate JV (joint venture) page, and much more.

AI can craft the personal outreach pitch you'll use to connect with top-tier affiliates, and it can even generate exclusive bonuses that you can offer these affiliates to help them drive more sales.

Instead of limiting yourself to a single product as a front-end offer, AI can design a complete sales funnel with multiple options. These could include an upgrade from a basic eBook at the front end to an in-depth video course for your first upsell, plus a software tool created by AI for your second upsell at a higher price point.

If top affiliates agree to promote your product, each sale they generate could result in a confirmation email sent to the buyer, encouraging them to subscribe to your list.

Moreover, AI can help you exceed the expectations of these new customers by surprising them with additional free bonus gifts. It can also assist in nurturing them with engaging email communications, ensuring they remain subscribed to your list.

Step #7 - Use AI as Your Secret Weapon for Adding Subscribers with Events

Use AI with Events to Add Subscribers

Internet marketers typically leverage two types of events to build their subscriber list. The first one is a giveaway event, a clear attempt to entice people to subscribe by offering free gifts in exchange for their contact information. Rather than being organized by a single individual, these events usually involve numerous contributors who drive traffic to the event.

At times, you may find an event in your niche to participate in, but occasionally, you might have to host your own. Hosting allows you to choose participants with subscriber lists that align with your target audience.

The key to success is offering an irresistible free gift that attracts numerous sign-ups. Ensure to over-deliver with the gift and subsequent emails to prevent recipients from unsubscribing after they have received the freebies.

The second type of event popular with Internet marketers is a webinar. Attendees typically need to sign up to receive an access code via email shortly before the event.

Webinar software can help you grow your list and host the event, allowing attendees to watch, listen, and engage with questions and interactions with other participants.

The most effective way to build a list through a webinar is to pack it with value, whether you're hosting it alone or co-hosting with other authorities in your niche. Sharing the stage with these individuals can be beneficial as they'll promote the event to their own lists, potentially expanding yours.

AI tools can help formulate topics for your giveaway event or webinar. If you're comfortable with a script that sounds natural, AI can draft that for you. Alternatively, it can provide a list of topics for discussion to ensure the information flows logically.

When it comes to list building, it's not something to be postponed until you've achieved a certain level of success. It should be a priority from day one. Thankfully, AI offers the capability of a personal assistant, performing research, generating creative ideas, doing the majority of the work, and ensuring the needs of your subscribers are met.

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