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August 7, 2023

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Creating a Niche

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Targeting a Niche and Building a Digital Home Base

Once you've identified your niche, it's essential to establish a primary platform where you can engage with your audience, promote affiliate products, and introduce your own informational products.

A blog serves as an ideal medium to share your expertise, gather names and email addresses to cultivate a dedicated following, and generate income from your consistent efforts without facing potential penalties.

The best platform I've ever found for teaching you how to create a blog for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. It's populated by other entrepreneurs on a similar journey, who are all willing and able to help you on yours. It costs nothing to join and if you do so using my link at Wealthy Affiliate, I'll be able to help you every step of the way.

Guarding Your Digital Assets

Guard Your Digital Assets

Owning your digital space is vital compared to relying solely on social media platforms. When you lean on free platforms, you essentially place the fate of your business in someone else's hands. A sudden decision by these platforms could obliterate your entire enterprise without seeking your perspective.

Imagine building a collection of 1,000 niche videos on YouTube, only to wake up to a deleted account. Or managing a bustling business profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, only to discover its removal due to some perceived violation.

These unforeseen closures often come with irreversible bans. In such scenarios, what's your plan?

If you didn't possess a personal domain – your unique digital residence – you're left to start anew. You'd hope your followers rediscover you, recreate prior posts and content, and lament the loss of past interactions and engagements.

However, by owning a domain and running a blog, you can rest easy knowing your content remains secure and unyielding, retaining all previous comments and shares.

Of course, integrating your primary platform with social media channels can be beneficial for branding and organic traffic, but they shouldn't be the cornerstone of your online enterprise.

To ensure consistent accessibility for your audience, purchase a domain name and set up a WordPress blog as a stable digital rendezvous point.

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Selecting a Meaningful Domain Name

Top Level Domains

Choosing a domain name can be challenging for some, with either overthinking or impulsive decisions being common pitfalls. Aim for a balanced approach.

A .com extension is often recommended as it's familiar to most users, and they're less likely to misremember or mistype it. A concise name that resonates with your brand is also advised to reduce errors when users try to access your site.

For branding, you can follow in the footsteps of industry leaders like Tony Robbins or Denise Austin, who have utilized their names to establish themselves as niche authorities. This is an excellent strategy if you intend to position yourself as a significant figure within your niche.

Alternatively, you can incorporate niche-specific keywords into your domain. Start by jotting down common terms and phrases relevant to your niche:

  • Diet
  • Weight loss
  • Fat burning
  • Slimming down
  • Fitness journey

... and so forth.

Leverage keyword tools to uncover search variations, especially if you're focusing on a specific niche aspect. For instance, in the "weight loss through fasting" niche, play around with phrasing to identify the ideal domain name.

For example, if you go to register dietfasting.com, you'll find that it's either not available of for sale at a premium price of around $3,000! But if you add tips to the end, you'll find that dietfastingtips.com is available (at least at the time of writing) for the normal registration cost of around $10.

And you can argue that it's a better domain name anyway. Adding "tips" at the end of a domain URL often suggests to visitors that they're in for some valuable advice.

Depending on your business's focus, you might opt for alternative word combinations. Say, if your emphasis is on marketing physical products like protein supplements as an affiliate, a more purchase-driven domain might suit you:

For instance, BuyProteinOnline.com is up for grabs and immediately communicates that the site is a hub for diverse protein product information.

It's wise to sidestep ambiguous or whimsical domains like ProductsToHelp.com (help with what?) or BeAPowerhouse.com (a powerhouse in what realm – public speaking? Fitness?).

Always be on the lookout for a favorable discount when purchasing your domain. You can often secure it for as low as $0.99 for the initial registration year, giving you a substantial saving.

It's also crucial to invest in trustworthy hosting for your site. Opt for a user-friendly platform boasting impressive uptime rates. Avoid providers notorious for frequent issues and subpar customer support.

If you go with my earlier recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate for your affiliate training, you'll find that they host your website for no extra cost and that it's fast and reliable, with legendary support.

Understanding Fundamental WordPress Components

WordPress for the Technically Challenged Medium

Setting up WordPress is straightforward. Install it directly on your main domain like YourDomain.com, This allows maximum versatility. You can build a specific home page or you can display your latest blog posts. You can show special offers in sidebars or create pop-ups that grab your visitor's attention. It's limited only by your imagination.

After WordPress setup, pick a theme aligning with your intent. If your blog's prime focus is textual information, select a theme highlighting that. Conversely, if you're more visual, say in a culinary or photography niche, choose a theme emphasizing images.

Adjust your settings to your preference, considering URL display, comment approval, etc. Craft essential pages like privacy policy, terms & conditions, contact, and an 'about' page. Thereafter, incorporate plugins to enhance your blog's functionality.

Formulating an SEO Strategy for Your Blog

SEO Keywords and Google

SEO can be intimidating for many. Instead of obsessing over perfect SEO practices, optimize content genuinely for your human audience. Initially, ensure your blog settings invite search engine indexing. Maintain consistent posting—both human readers and search engine bots value regular content updates.

Incorporate relevant keywords naturally. For instance, if discussing a fasting diet, use clear terminology rather than catchy but confusing slang. Use keywords in post titles and within the content, keeping clarity in mind.

Along with keyword optimization and consistency, ensure your content delivers real value. Instead of posting brief, daily snippets, provide substantial, valuable posts. Enhance your SEO by ensuring your content is shareable, with social sharing buttons to increase site backlinks.

Committing to a Consistent Publishing Routine

As a niche leader, your audience anticipates your insights. Offer them regular, novel, and dependable information. Determine a feasible posting frequency—whether it's once a week or multiple times daily. Ideally, aim for thrice a week to ensure ongoing audience engagement.

Plan your content in advance or decide spontaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your niche's spectrum. For a broad-named site like BestDietPlans.com, ensure diverse diet plan discussions. If focusing on fitness, cover varied workouts. Avoid bias towards a singular topic unless you're explicitly dedicated to it.

Setting up a niche-specific online space demands initial effort, but subsequent management revolves around consistent publishing and fostering a dedicated audience base.

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P.S. Here's the training link again: Wealthy Affiliate.

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