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July 9, 2023

1-3 of 7 Proven Steps to Using AI for Rapid List Building

3 of 7 Proven Steps to Use AI for Rapid List Building

(Watch out for the next blog posts, where I'll reveal the other four).

Having a list of targeted subscribers ready to receive your emails at any time provides you with a direct communication channel to your customers, eliminating the uncertainty of them rediscovering your business when they're ready to make a purchase.

Many marketers make the mistake of deferring list building until their business becomes significantly large. However, this creates a paradox because a robust list is an essential component for business growth.

Consistent communication with your target audience builds a unique relationship that sets you apart from competitors. But building such a list isn't an immediate process.

If your marketing strategy solely depends on blogging and SEO, gaining the ranking needed to attract substantial numbers of subscribers can take time. Moreover, most novice marketers lack the financial resources to invest in paid advertisements to attract more people to their list.

Given the fierce competition in this industry for consumer attention, you need a unique selling proposition that persuades people to provide you with their contact information.

You'll find a lot more help with your affiliate marketing business at Affiliate Marketing: Your Questions Answered.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can aid in the speedy development of your list, as they enhance the conversion rates of your landing pages and offers. This allows you to broaden your reach and scale your list building efforts with ease. You can use AI for rapid list building.

Below are the first three of seven strategies to expedite the growth of your targeted subscriber list, enabling you to use these contacts as a competitive advantage in niche marketing.

Step #1 - Customize Lead Magnets Created and Promoted By AI

Lead Magnet

Artificial intelligence tools possess the capacity to explore your niche demographics thoroughly, which is vital since conversion on your landing pages relies on your lead magnet aligning with their needs.

If your objective is rapid list-building and you prefer not to wait for gradual organic growth, AI tools can generate several freebie offers for your varied demographics, customizing them based on their unique needs, objectives, and preferences. In other words, you can use AI for rapid list building.

Rather than using a generic lead magnet and landing page, AI enables you to develop tailored offers for different age groups, genders, needs, and more. For instance, if your business helps online entrepreneurs succeed, you might instruct AI to create:

• A lead magnet guiding beginners

• A budget-friendly startup guide

• A senior-friendly online startup guide

• A step-by-step blogging tutorial

• A guide on email marketing, etc.

Instead of personally researching and creating these lead magnets from scratch, you can let AI do the job quickly and efficiently.

In a single day, you could have a multitude of lead magnets, each with a unique angle targeting a specific demographic, enabling a powerful start to your list-building endeavors.

You'd simply sign into your page builder, paste the landing page copy generated by your AI tool, and connect it to your autoresponder form to drive traffic.

AI can also assist in developing different types of lead magnets, ranging from eBooks, video courses, checklists, cheat sheets, to software, and more.

Moreover, you can direct AI to write split test copy for each landing page to optimize performance. You’ll initiate the process by telling AI your niche, asking it to provide a detailed list of demographic opportunities, and having it design a specific lead magnet for each group.

When it comes to crafting landing page copy, ensure the AI creates headlines, bullet points, and calls-to-action that best reflect your brand and convert more visitors into subscribers.

This strategy of using multiple offers makes your visitors feel seen and understood, discouraging them from looking elsewhere. This volume-based method provides a quick boost to your list-building efforts, without requiring much of your time.

Step #2 - Conduct Viral Lead Generation with an AI-Amplified Social Media Strategy

Viral Lead Generation

The second effective strategy for swift list-building involves leveraging social media platforms to drive free traffic to your landing pages.

Instead of personally identifying where your target audience frequents, what content they engage with, and creating content to satisfy their needs, you can delegate these tasks to AI.

Having already utilized AI for demographic research, you can then instruct it to identify which social media platforms your audience uses to source information in your niche.

AI can quickly use social listening tools to identify the most suitable platforms, be it YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or others.

On many of these platforms, you can link directly to specific landing pages tailored to particular demographics. For example, if you have a landing page offering a free gift for senior online entrepreneurs, you can instruct AI to create a YouTube video tailored to that audience and link it to the corresponding landing page.

Some social media platforms restrict outbound links in individual posts. In such cases, you may need a link in your bio that opens a page with multiple options leading to your various landing pages.

AI can not only guide you to the most advantageous platforms for your list-building needs but can also analyze user behavior to understand the type of content they engage with, be it clicks, comments, shares, etc.

AI can quickly generate a list of social media content ideas for each platform you aim to target. It can provide you with ideas, create outlines, and even complete posts for immediate use.

You can instruct AI to formulate a publishing schedule tailored to maximize exposure to potential subscribers, taking into account the times your audience is most active.

For instance, you might instruct AI as follows: "Provide a social media publishing schedule with content ideas, days and times for posting on both YouTube and TikTok, aiming to attract a list of subscribers interested in making money online.”

AI might suggest:

YouTube Day 1: Upload a "Money-Making Tips" video. Share strategies or ideas to earn money online. Publish at 6:00 PM (local time).

TikTok Day 2: Create a "Quick Money-Making Tip" video. Share a concise, practical tip to make money online. Use engaging visuals and captions. Publish at 10:00 AM (local time).

If you're using text-heavy social media sites like Facebook, AI can generate the text for you. If your platform requires images or videos, AI can design or script them, or even create them from scratch, depending on the tools you're using.

For instance, with ChatGPT, your AI tool can write a script for your video slideshow presentation and provide design advice. You can then use another tool, such as Canva, along with a video editing software screen capture tool to execute the design.

There are also tools capable of creating videos for you, whether slideshow presentations, animation videos, or even an AI spokesperson appearing human-like on camera.

After developing your social media content, AI can enhance your strategy by recommending appropriate hashtags and call-to-actions to drive more clicks to your landing pages.

Step #3 - Engage in AI-Driven Networking to Accelerate the List Building Process

AI Networking

Networking, when executed effectively, is a powerful tool for swift list growth. You can utilize artificial intelligence to streamline this process by identifying individuals who align with your goals and possess the type of subscribers you aim to attract.

These individuals might be influencers or direct competitors, striving to build a portfolio of information products or affiliate sites within the same niche. It's important to use an AI tool that can provide up-to-date information, not data from years ago like 2021.

The AI tool can connect you with influencers who lead the pack on social media in terms of followers or audience influence. It can also identify those who are topping the charts with their blogs in your niche.

Armed with this information, you can strategically reach out to them to establish a reciprocal promotional agreement or simply to form beneficial friendships that naturally lead to endorsements, driving traffic to your profile.

With AI's help, you'll be privy to their social media and website activities, their market offers, their follower base, and the engagement they receive.

This insight can assist you in crafting a plan to approach them with a proposition that offers mutual benefits. AI can facilitate this, ensuring your collaboration proposal is well-received by the other party.

Occasionally, AI might suggest a social media takeover, where you swap accounts for a day. Other times, it might propose that you guest blog on each other's websites.

AI can also help you create blog content inspired by a competitor's work, incentivizing them to share it with their followers as it highlights their thought leadership.

Moreover, if you wish to perform a strategic analysis, AI can disclose the sources of backlinks to your competitors' sites. With this knowledge, you can reach out to those sources, network with them, and potentially gain your own backlinks.

Watch out for my next blog post, where I'll cover four more steps that will help you to use AI for rapid list building.

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