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October 8, 2021

Thrive Themes and WordPress

Thrive Suite

You can build a basic WordPress website in a few minutes if you use my recommended Wealthy Affiliate platform. But how do you turn it into an attractive, authority conversion-focused online business? That's where the Thrive Suite (previously Thrive Themes and Plugins) shines.

To learn more about Thrive Themes and WordPress, please click HERE.

There is nothing else available in the WordPress website building universe that comes close to the Thrive Suite. I've used it to build every one of my 24 online businesses. It costs me a low annual fee and I can use it on every one of my websites.

The Shapeshift Theme and Thrive Architect blog post and page editor are worth more than the annual fee by themselves and when you factor in all the other stuff you get, owning the Thrive Suite is a total no-brainer.


Thrive Themes and WordPress are a Winning Combination

Create New Website Free

Do you want to build your website fast?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can go from registering a domain name to owning a fully-functional website, hosted on blindingly fast servers in about 2 minutes.

Do you want your new website to be your business storefront, attracting an influx of visitors who become your tribe, eager to buy your products?

That takes a bit longer, but you'll get there faster and with a better result, if you employ Thrive Themes and Plugins.

There are 3 components:

  1. Thrive Themes
  2. Thrive Plugins
  3. Thrive University

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

Thrive comes with a number of built-in "legacy" themes, all focused on customer conversion. The themes are:

They are referred to as legacy themes, because Thrive recently released the ShapeShift skeleton theme coupled with the amazing Thrive Theme Builder wizard.

This allows you to create your own personalized theme just by working through the wizard and selecting from multiple choice alternatives. In a few minutes, your new theme is ready, with global options such as fonts and color schemes managed from a central location, so that the entire look and feel of your website can be changed in an instant.

You can read all about using Thrive Themes and WordPress in books 5 (WordPress for the Technically Challenged) and 6 (Building Your Website) from my Internet Marketing FAST Box Set. You can get all 8 books for free from HERE.

But of course, you can still choose any of the legacy themes for an instant ready-made theme.

Here's one of my sites using the Luxe legacy theme and a free slider plugin:


and another built with Luxe and no slider:


I'm only just starting to build out these two sites with affiliate marketing.

And here are two built with the Thrive Theme Builder:



Thrive Plugins

It's the plugins that really make Thrive Themes and WordPress the most powerful combination available for building your profitable online business.

Although I don't install all of them on every website I build (for example, I would install Thrive Quiz Builder only if I were including a quiz or survey on the site) they are nonetheless the first thing that I install on a new website.

Especially Thrive Architect, Thrive's absolutely wonderful page and post drag and drop editor. Even if it were the only thing that you got with your Thrive subscription, I'd regard it as money well spent.

The Thrive Architect Plugin

Building Your Website with Thrive Medium

Thrive Architect is hands-down the best WordPress editor available. It completely replaces both the WordPress classic editor and the new but clunky Gutenberg (block) editor. In my opinion, Thrive Architect by itself is worth the price of Thrive Themes. What you see is what you get: drag and drop your way to pages and posts that look exactly the way you want. Build your pages in real time straight from within the editor. The Thrive Optimize add-on allows you to split test landing page variations against each other automatically.

Let’s look at adding a new post or page to our website. We will use Thrive Architect to build the post or page, using headings, text, images and the More… tag. And we’ll see how an element called Post Grid can build an attractive page that showcases all of our articles automatically.

You use Thrive Architect to build the post or page simply by selecting the required element from the element table then dragging and dropping it.

Although there are some 42 elements to choose from, the ones you use the most are the Paragraph, Heading, Image and the More… tag.

Note that if you just click on an element, it will appear on the post or page in the next available location. If you want it to appear somewhere else, simply click and drag it to where you want it.

Images are important elements on your posts or pages. With Thrive Architect, simply drag the image element to where you want it to appear and it will then go to your WordPress Media Library. If you’ve already uploaded your image, select it there. Otherwise, click on the Upload Files tab, then Select Files and navigate to the folder containing the image you want.

Double click on it to upload it to your Media Library. The title will default to the name of the image file. You can change it here if you wish. For example, you might want to include a key word. When you’re happy with the title, copy it to Alt Text so that it can be seen by search engines.

Then click Insert into post.

The selected image appears on the page, exactly as it will appear in the blog post.

On the left-hand side, there are controls that you can use to manipulate the image. There are many things that you can do, including changing its size and making the text flow around it.

The Post List Element

The Post List element is incredibly powerful, delivering an impressive result for almost no work.

It can be used in many ways, but I’ll give you one example and then you can experiment to get your own desired result.

I’ve created a new page called BLOG and added it to my main menu.

The only thing on the page is a Post List element.

The idea of the Post List element is to display any or all of your posts and pages in a grid pattern over which you have total control

I’m going to set mine up to display all posts in a 3 across grid, with the latest first, illustrated by the featured image, showing an excerpt and a Read More… tag.

The beauty is that once it’s set up, new posts will automatically be added to it. No further attention is required.

The Remaining Elements

Here is a list of the remaining elements that allow you to build out your post or page to contain whatever you want with drag and drop ease. Remember that these elements are all just part of one plugin, namely Thrive Architect.

For details of how to use them, Read Book 7 (Continue Your Journey with Thrive) from my Internet Marketing FAST Box Set. You can get all 8 books for free from HERE.



Background Section

Templates & Symbols

Click to Tweet

Content Reveal


Countdown Evergreen

Credit Card

Custom HTML

Custom Menu

Disqus Comments


Facebook Comments

Fill Counter

Google Map


Lead Generation

Progress Bar

Social Share

Global Social Share Icons

Star Rating

Styled List


Table of Contents





WordPress Content

Call to Action

Guarantee Box

Numbered List

Pricing Table

Styled Box

Contact Form

Contact Form

While this was just a list of the elements, there are many powerful options sitting behind them. Take Contact Form, for example.

This element puts a contact form on your page or post so that a visitor can contact you by email.

There are a large number of templates to select from. You can control all aspects of the contact form, including the fields that appear on it, its size and appearance, button color, the email address the details are to be sent to and so on.

Click on Email & After Submit Setup to specify what happens when the button is pressed.

You can choose between reloading the page, redirecting to a custom URL or showing a success notification.

You can also choose to send a confirmation email to your visitor.

Or how about the Lead Generation element? One click to connect your opt-in form to your mailing list. Compared to any other WordPress editor, that's like magic.

Remember, this was just the elements available to you in one plugin, Thrive Architect, the drag and drop editor to build conversion focused blog posts and pages.

Other Thrive Plugins

There are nine more powerful plugins in your Thrive arsenal.

They include one to create different types of quizzes or surveys and display the results, the ability to do A/B split testing, right through to being able to develop and publish your own video training course.

And that's just three of the nine!

For details of how to use them, Read Book 8 (Become a Thrive Expert) from my Internet Marketing FAST Box Set. You can get all 8 books for free from HERE.

Thrive University

The third component of your investment in Thrive is Thrive University. It is a collection of video-based online courses that cover every aspect of using Thrive Themes and Plugins. They can be taken at any time and as often as you like. Explanations are clear and simple, with lots of examples and case studies. Online help is always available as well, with tickets answered promptly and fully.

What Does Thrive Cost?

Thrive Themes and Plugins costs $19/month, billed annually so just $228 for the year. You can use it on several websites.

I have 24 websites and have built all of them using Thrive. They are a vital tool in my business development.

To learn more about Thrive Themes and WordPress, please click HERE.

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