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Sick of WordPress Plugins That Don't Perform?

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WordPress is arguably the best platform to build a profitable, commercial website on. Much of its strength comes from the huge number of themes and plugins that have been integrated with it.

In fact, it's fair to say that you can't build a decent WordPress site without themes and plugins.

Some are free, but the best ones are not.

Some of the problems with this myriad of themes and plugins are:

  • They are not always compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Even if they are, they may have problems the next time WordPress is updated
  • They can interfere with each other, even to the extent of breaking your site!

Sometimes you can feel that your WordPress site, that you've put so much work into and that you had such high hopes for, is drowning in a sea of incompatibility.

Unlike all other themes, the Thrive Suite has Thrive Theme Builder, which allows you to totally control what your theme looks like by applying template building blocks to several pre-built, optimized starting points. The latest starting point is the Kwik Theme Builder. You've never seen anything like it!

Sick of WordPress Themes That Look Nothing Like Their Advertisement?

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Have you been sucked in by a beguiling image of a paid WordPress business theme, only to find that it looks nothing like the illustration and requires a master's degree in both I.T. and graphic design to make it work properly?

Although arguably content is more important than appearance, there is little doubt that a visitor won't stay on a poorly presented website long enough to actually read your content or watch your video.

You need themes and plugins that work seamlessly to present your website beautifully on all devices, from big screen desktops to mobile phones, so that you can concentrate your time and efforts on creating content and delivering value to your visitors.

Sick of WordPress Editors That Make It Difficult to Do the Things You Want?

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You'd think that WordPress, the platform that more than half the websites on the Internet are built on, would come with its own slick, built-in editor, wouldn't you.

Well, leave out the word "slick" and it does.

Two, actually.

The original editor was seriously primitive. There wasn't much you could do with it and you had to switch between a text view and an html code view. Not for the faint-hearted!

Some time ago, WordPress rolled out a new block editor called Gutenberg. Most website builders found it underwhelming. In fact, it was so poorly received that WordPress had to put the old editor (now called the "Classic" editor) back as a plugin so that developers could choose which one they wanted to use.

If only there was a powerful drag and drop editor that did everything you wanted, easily and effeciently.

Well, there is, of course and it's part of the Thrive Themes and Plugins toolset.

What If There Were an Easier Way?

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Thrive Themes have been around for some 10 years and have developed the only set of conversion-optimized themes and plugins that you need for your WordPress site.

They are totally integrated and totally bulletproof.

I've been an enthusiastic user of Thrive Themes and Plugins for years and wouldn't be without them.

They are always the first thing I install whenever I create a new WordPress site and they allow me to get a professional looking, bulletproof site up and running in no time.

They make even traditionally difficult tasks quick and easy to do.

For instance, I belong to a group called Wealthy Affiliate and over and over again I see other members asking how they can collect visitors names and email addresses and pass them over to an autoresponder such as MailChimp. This is something nearly everyone needs to do, but it's extremely difficult in WordPress, even using two or three plugins that you're trying to make work happily together.

With Thrive Themes, you just go to the Thrive Dashboard, paste your Autoresponder's id into it and your site is connected.

Then, when you are using Thrive Architect to create a page or a post (Thrive Architect is your new editor, infinitely superior to both the WordPress classic and block editors) and you want to collect your visitor's details, you simply drag and drop the Lead Gen element to where you want it to appear and select which mailing list to target. That's it! Your collection form is built and displayed, ready to collect your visitor's details and send them to your autoresponder.

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I'm an expert in using Thrive Themes and Plugins and can help you to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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