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April 1, 2019


Affiliate marketer battered but not beaten

Affiliate marketer battered but not beaten. 

Shortly after I entered Wealthy Affiliate's Super Affiliate Challenge, I posted a blog on the WA site offering to create a group of WA members interested in mutual help while participating in the challenge.

A fairly large number of members took this up.

That's what this article is for.

Any member of the group may log in to this post and leave a question, which can be answered by any other member, including myself of course.

This website is the actual website that I am building out as my part of the challenge.

You are welcome to comment on any aspect of it and, if there is any part of it that you particularly like, please ask questions and I'll explain how it was done.

There are two other things I'm inviting you to do.

The first is to include a link back to your website when you post a comment on this thread. This will give you backlinks from a site (this one) in a related niche, which will help to improve your Google rankings.

The second is to leave comments on other members' posts, including mine and I will do so on yours as well. Let's run an informal 1 for 1 here. So for every comment you receive, you post a comment on another member's post. Preferably not the same member as we don't want Google seeing too many reciprocal comments.

Let's get this started by leaving a comment below.

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