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September 4, 2023

Affiliate Marketing for Seniors: Web Hosting

Affiliate Marketing for Seniors

Web Hosting

7 Essential Web Hosting Tips for Seniors

As seniors venture into the online business world, the need for reliable web hosting becomes inevitable. Simply put, if you're thinking of establishing a website, you'll require a service to house your digital content. For a clearer understanding, let's consider Wikipedia's definition: "A web hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service. It empowers individuals and businesses to present their websites on the World Wide Web. These services are offered by companies that allocate server space, either owned or rented, for their clients' use." In essence, web hosting provides the necessary space for your digital files and ensures your website is accessible online. Read on to discover 7 essential tips for selecting a trustworthy web hosting provider.

Opt for a Reputable Hosting Provider

Selecting a reliable hosting provider stands paramount among all considerations. The digital landscape is flooded with numerous web hosting firms, some of which can be a nightmare, while others excel with excellent support and reliability.

Complicating the scenario, many of these hosting companies operate under multiple brand names but ultimately belong to a single parent organization. This creates an illusion of choice when, in reality, multiple brands might just be branches of the same tree.

Based on our analysis, top contenders in the hosting arena include Hosted Safe, SiteGround, D9 Hosting, A2 Hosting, and Liquid Web. For seniors venturing into the online world, Hosted Safe comes highly recommended.

Helmed by Geoff O’Dea, the service stands out for its personal touch. Unlike many larger hosting entities where you're directed to impersonal and often outsourced support, with Hosted Safe, you engage directly with Geoff. This ensures not only quicker resolutions but also a more personalized and effective assistance.

You should also consider SiteGround. It's a larger organization with a number of plans to suit both small and larger online businesses, so you have an upgrade path. They also have a great reputation for responsive service.

Maintain a Separate Domain Registrar

It's wise to register your domain name (for instance, www.yoursitename.com) with dedicated registrars like Namecheap, separating it from your web hosting provider. This approach prevents potential challenges down the line.

A common pitfall many face is registering their domain concurrently with their hosting package. Later, if they wish to transition to a different hosting provider, their current host might create obstacles, attempting to control or "hold hostage" the domain. Such scenarios can lead to unnecessary complications.

Therefore, opting for Namecheap for domain registration is a prudent move.

Review the Offered Features and Restrictions

Before committing to a web hosting provider, thoroughly examine their features and scrutinize the details. It's not uncommon for hosting services to promote offerings like 'unlimited' data or 'lifetime' plans. However, the devil is often in the details. The small print typically reveals constraints and stipulations.

Should you surpass your allocated resources, you might be confronted with unexpected bills and additional fees. This is a prevalent occurrence, so it's essential to be vigilant.

Is It Aligned with Your Budget?

For seniors making their initial foray into the online realm, there's no necessity to opt for dedicated servers or premium hosting services laden with extra features. It's imperative to choose a hosting service that suits your financial means, especially since this is a recurring expense. Aim for affordability.

A standard shared hosting package should be adequate for most needs. Ideally, you shouldn’t be spending more than $15 USD monthly on hosting. The leading hosting providers typically price their basic shared hosting plans in the $12 to $15 range.

However, if you're just starting out and require training, an excellent option is Wealthy Affiliate. As well as providing extensive training in the entire journey that comprises affiliate marketing, their premium membership ($49 a month) allows you to host three websites, making the whole package superb value.

Start Small and Expand Slowly

As you gain traction online, you can consider upgrading your data plan or incorporating additional features like security add-ons. However, when beginning, it's wise to stick to the essentials.

Engage with Support Before Committing

Before finalizing a web hosting package, it's a good idea to engage with the service provider's support team. Pose a few queries to gauge their responsiveness and the quality of their responses. A swift, courteous response is indicative of commendable service. If you don't receive a response within 48 hours, it's worth exploring more attentive service providers.

Dive into Reviews

Supplement your research by seeking feedback from others. While such reviews can be subjective—what works for one might not for another—it's still valuable insight. Remember, everyone's experience varies, so it's essential to identify a web host that aligns with your specific needs. By adhering to these seven guidelines, you can make an informed choice.

My Personal Recommendation

I have around 30 websites and host half of them at Wealthy Affiliate and the rest at SiteGround. I've found both of them excellent.

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Phil Lancaster

Phil is a septuagenarian who has now funded his retirement through internet marketing.

"It's both enjoyable and lucrative," says Phil. "and can literally be run from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Like many others out there, I initially poured money into the bright, shiny pebbles. The one off, brilliant opportunities that promised an overnight income with the push of a button. The only thing they did, besides suck up funds like a vacuum cleaner, money that I couldn't afford, was take up so much time that I ended up depressed as well as poorer. It wasn't until I learned how to build a genuine business (I now have 30 of them) in both affiliate marketing and e-commerce, using the platform and tools that I tell you about on this website, that I turned it all around. I now make a substantial and sustainable retirement income and I want to teach you how to do the same."

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