June 23, 2023

Do You Use ChatGPT?

Do You Use ChatGPT?

And if not, why not?

Don't be put off by the term "artificial intelligence".

It's no such thing.

But it is the most powerful research tool to become available to affiliate marketers since, well the internet itself.

There are three components to it:

  1. A translation algorithm that is really good at understanding what you mean when you enter your query (known as a "prompt" in plain English. However... there's a knack to getting the prompt right. This has lead to a whole new qualification for people to claim, that of "prompt engineer". Sounds like an engineer that's never late for work, doesn't it?
  2. A search algorithm that applies your prompt to search ChatGPT's database, which is basically the entire internet up to October 2021, to come up with the best results to satisfy your prompt. Note that we're talking about the free version of ChatGPT here. You can pay a small monthly upgrade fee to access more current information, as well as other benefits such as higher priority during busy times.
  3. A reverse translation algorithm that presents the search results in conversational language, formatted as requested in the prompt. For example, you could have asked ChatGPT to write a 1,000 word article on your topic, divided into 5 paragraphs of around 200 words each, with each paragraph preceded by a relevant heading. Plus an introduction and a conclusion. And that's exactly what you'll get.

How Do You Use ChatGPT?

How to Embrace AI Medium

Well, you could obviously use it as described in the example above.

But, by itself, that would be a mistake.

You need to use ChatGPT to give you ideas that overcome the dreaded blank-screen syndrome but then modify and complete them with your own personal touch.

I've written a series of three best-selling books on Amazon covering all of this (in fact, one of them is devoted entirely to prompt engineering, illustrated by scores of examples) but I don't want to send you to Amazon to buy them.

I want to give them to you.

Start off by downloading my free report How to Embrace AI for Fun and Profit.

Just click on the link above or on the report's image to go to the Download page. Once you've downloaded your report and had a chance to digest it, I'll send you links to get all three books in the series:

Instant Artificial Intelligence

But for starters, get How to Embrace AI for Fun and Profit so that when someone asks "do you use ChatGPT" you can tell them "I do; and it's heaps of fun."

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