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October 18, 2023

Affiliate Marketing: Profit with Zero Traffic Keywords

Affiliate Marketing

Profit with Zero Traffic Keywords

Looking for That Competitive Edge

Niche marketers are constantly in search of that elusive element that can give them a competitive edge. The issue is that often they end up adopting tactics already in widespread use, rendering any advantage null and void.

If you've ever enrolled in a course focused on driving online traffic and profits, you're likely familiar with the emphasis on identifying low-competition, high-volume keywords for your content. Sometimes referred to as "long-tail keywords" or "low-hanging fruit".

However, what often goes unmentioned is the fact that 15% of all searches (a statistic from Google itself) are entirely new, representing undiscovered keywords with zero traffic that haven't yet made their way into keyword research tools as viable targets.

Interestingly, you'll frequently come across advice advocating the pursuit of long-tail keyword phrases, which is precisely what zero-traffic keywords encompass. The beauty of this strategy lies in the fact that these keyword phrases are exceptionally specific, resulting in remarkably high conversion rates.

Numerous marketers have openly shared their experiences, revealing that even when a keyword is initially categorized as having zero traffic, they still benefit from hundreds of searches each month. While these numbers might not yet register significantly on keyword research tools, they can accumulate into something truly remarkable for the success of your niche site.

Beware of Official Metrics and Keyword Tools

Beware of Keyword Tools

Many individuals place excessive reliance on keyword tools to steer their decision-making. However, these tools often lack real-time updates. Furthermore, some keyword phrases evolve as new trends within a niche, making the reported numbers inconsistent with unfolding developments.

Google has openly disclosed that 15% of all searches comprise entirely new phrases that have never been entered into their search engine before. When you consider the daily volume of searches, this could represent a substantial opportunity for your niche.

People tend to adapt their language and search habits, resulting in the emergence of entirely new phrases based on original core concepts. For instance, while some still use the term "pay per click," many have shifted to phrases like "Google ads," "search engine ads," or "paid ads." Similarly, those interested in social media marketing might now be searching for "influencer marketing."

Moreover, these tools frequently provide data based on averages rather than specific counts, potentially skewing the volume when comparing data over a whole year versus recent months.

There are alternate theories regarding the accuracy of such reporting and the motivations behind search engines not fully disclosing search volume data. Therefore, it's wise to assume that phrases may have more search traffic than the figures suggest.

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To identify promising zero-traffic keyword options, it's advisable to combine various tools, conduct thorough research, and rely on your own creativity. By harnessing your creative thinking, you can venture beyond the boundaries of what most of your competitors are doing.

When considering the appropriate metrics, shift your focus away from sheer volume or competition levels. Instead, explore innovative ways to express commonly searched concepts and delve into the specific desires of your target audience.

While maintaining relevance to your niche topic is crucial, aim for the low-hanging fruit rather than highly competitive phrases. For instance, if you intend to target a term like "homemade dog treats," which is both highly competitive and has substantial search volume, consider instead a phrase like "all-natural healthy homemade dog treats." You'll observe that it registers as zero traffic with no competition, yet it addresses a very specific topic that people might be searching for in various ways.

The specificity of such phrases explains why they may not appear in keyword tools, but they offer significant profit potential. Your audience is highly focused on ensuring the well-being of their pets, fostering a sense of community among those who share these concerns. They are willing to invest in their pets' health, making this a topic likely to trend upward as people become more aware of their dogs' nutritional needs.

Additionally, these specific keyword options open up numerous possibilities for content angles, whether it's guiding your audience on creating hypoallergenic treats, managing their pet's weight, or addressing digestive issues.

The Genuine Benefits of Zero Traffic Keywords

Benefits of Zero Traffic Keywords

When you come across a keyword phrase that initially appears to be "unpromising," it's essential to consider the potential hidden advantages. Firstly, the competition for such phrases is nearly non-existent.

Most marketers typically struggle to establish a foothold in the market with broad and highly competitive keywords and phrases. Consequently, you'll notice that even without an authoritative website, your content has the potential to achieve high rankings right from the start.

Secondly, your content is poised for better conversion rates. The majority of zero traffic keyword phrases are extraordinarily specific, making readers feel as though the content was tailor-made for their precise needs. If you implement effective monetization or list-building strategies with your content, it's likely to perform exceptionally well.

Thirdly, if, as previously discussed, this keyword is a novel trend or an emerging phrase derived from an original concept, it grants you the opportunity to harness its potential before any competitors catch wind of it.

Fourthly, for marketers utilizing paid advertising, zero traffic keywords can serve as a cost-effective means of securing targeted traffic compared to the exorbitant expenses associated with highly competitive keyword targeting.

It's crucial to bear in mind that as you consistently employ zero traffic keyword phrases and attain high rankings with valuable content, search algorithms will recognize that your domain caters to the needs of your target audience. Consequently, they may begin showcasing your site to users employing more competitive phrases, further enhancing your online visibility.

How to Discover Zero Traffic Keywords of Value

Discover High-Value Keywords

So, what's the method for uncovering these unique, easily accessible opportunities? As previously mentioned, it involves a combination of tools, research, and creative brainstorming. Let's delve deeper into this process.

Begin by utilizing keyword tools such as Google's Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, or even platforms like AnswerThePublic and Ubersuggest. Your aim is to transition from a broad seed keyword to more specific, lesser-known phrases.

You can also leverage Google's autofill feature. For example, when you start typing "all-natural health dog treat" into Google, you'll notice that people are also appending the word "training" before "treat," leading to a more precise and less trafficked keyword phrase.

During the research phase, don't rely solely on keyword tools. Dive into online forums and communities to observe how real individuals are conducting searches. If you come across someone using a keyword phrase like "treats for raw-fed dog," take that phrase to a search tool and consider refining it into something like "best training treats for raw-fed puppy."

Additionally, explore social media platforms. Analyze how people are conversing - not just in their posts, but also in comments and hashtags. For example, if you investigate Instagram for "homemade dog treats," you may discover comments inquiring about whether the treats are suitable for puppies. This insight can inspire a new zero traffic keyword phrase, such as "puppy-friendly homemade dog treats."

Another strategy is competitive analysis. Study your competitors' SEO to identify the phrases they are ranking for and then adapt those phrases to be more specific as zero traffic keyword options. For instance, if a competitor ranks well for "organic dog treats," you can employ keyword tools, research, and creative brainstorming to devise variations like "natural organic dog treats," "organic grain-free dog treats," or "organic dog treats suitable for puppies."

In all instances, you will essentially begin with a broader keyword and progressively narrow it down until it becomes specific and relevant while still possessing little to no traffic or competition. This approach can yield dozens or even hundreds of subcategories, offering substantial potential for creating valuable content.

Strategic Utilization of Zero Traffic Keywords in Your Business

How to Utilize Zero Traffic Keywords

Once you've uncovered these zero traffic keywords, it's crucial to understand how to effectively incorporate them into your business strategy. First and foremost, leverage them in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) endeavors.

This approach can lead to high rankings and even secure a featured snippet position with relative ease. Google increasingly prioritizes those who have a voice search strategy in place, and these specific, zero traffic keywords align perfectly with that objective.

Incorporate these keywords into various elements of your content, including titles, headers, body text, anchor text, and tags. Even though they are already quite narrow, consider conducting research to identify related semantic keyword phrases that can complement them.

Devote time to crafting content of exceptional value for your blog and social media based on these keyword ideas. Your audience is likely to engage more actively with your content because of its specificity.

Diversify your content formats by incorporating not only text but also video, images, and even audio, should you wish to create a podcast episode or audiobook related to these keywords. Ensure that you have a well-defined monetization or list-building strategy in place when using these keywords.

For instance, if you are targeting the phrase "all-natural healthy dog treats," you might have a recipe book for sale or be promoting silicone dog treat molds on Amazon. However, make it a priority to capture these visitors on your email list so that you can continue to cater to their specific needs.

While zero traffic keywords may initially appear unproductive, astute marketers are leveraging them to attract hundreds of unique visitors each month, ultimately enhancing their site's overall visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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