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August 8, 2023

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Build a Database of Loyal Subscribers

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Build a Database of Loyal Subscribers

Be Proactive

Choosing a specific niche, developing a website, and addressing the informational desires of your audience sets a strong foundation for online entrepreneurial success. However, you shouldn't solely depend on them returning to your site to discover new content.

You should be proactive in communicating with them, sharing insights, offering suggestions, and fostering a reciprocal dialogue that enhances brand loyalty.

One effective way to do this is by establishing a database of your followers' names and email addresses. Since this is based on voluntary sign-ups, it ensures that the individuals on the list genuinely wish to engage with you further.

Overcoming Hesitations About Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Beginners

For some, the idea of maintaining a subscriber list and initiating regular communications can feel intimidating. There might be concerns about whether the recipient still wants to hear from them or even remembers them.

There may be doubts about whether their emails are valuable enough to grace someone's inbox. However, it's essential to move past these apprehensions and focus on crafting a tone and approach that resonates with your audience.

Perfecting this requires time and consistent feedback from your followers. They'll steer you towards what resonates with them, both in terms of content and how often you reach out.

Remember, as you begin, there might be occasional errors or misjudgments. That's okay! You can always adjust your strategy. Keep in mind that it's impossible to satisfy everyone on your list all the time.

Yes, there will be those who unsubscribe or even send negative feedback. However, this isn't a reflection of you but rather an expression of their feelings from behind the safety of a screen.

Yet, many marketers also receive heartwarming responses from grateful subscribers eagerly awaiting their next communication.

Keep your focus on these appreciative individuals and don't take it personally if an email is met with an unfavorable response. While negativity might be louder, the gratitude from those you've positively impacted will always be more meaningful.

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Selecting a Reliable Email Autoresponder

In the realm of online marketing, there's a constant influx of new tools, including email autoresponders that often claim to revolutionize the industry.

However, many of these tools might work efficiently only for a limited period. They may encounter issues delivering emails, or sometimes, the developers might discontinue support, leaving users stranded with a malfunctioning system.

A more prudent approach would be to trust established email autoresponder brands that have demonstrated consistency over the years. For those working within a limited budget, starting with MailChimp can be a viable option.

MailChimp offers free services up to a certain email count, after which charges apply. While this sounds limiting, by the time the charges come into play, you'd hopefully have a revenue stream in place. The free version includes advertisements, but the paid version eliminates these, ensuring no unwanted links divert your customers.

If possible, investing in a paid system from the outset is recommended. In this segment, Aweber, GetResponse and Active Campaign stand out. These platforms have been favorites amongst marketers for a long time.

Their functionality is quite similar, and all offer pricing plans based on your number of subscribers. Therefore, a list with 1,000 subscribers would cost less than one with 100,000 names.

Additionally, they all prioritize customer support, offering an array of tutorials and guidance, ensuring users can navigate their systems effortlessly.

While some might criticize these platforms, often these are individuals who have been removed due to inappropriate use or spamming. If you adhere to best practices, you'll likely have a seamless experience.

A noteworthy feature of these platforms is the ability to regularly backup your subscriber lists. This is advantageous, especially if you manage multiple lists across various niches, like marketing, homesteading, or pet care.

How to Gather Names and Email Addresses for Your Subscriber List

Gather Visitors Names and Email Addresses

Once you've finalized your niche, set up your website, and picked your email autoresponder tool, the next step is figuring out how to collect names and email addresses for your list.

Let's delve into four prevalent methods to do this, although as time progresses, you might discover alternative channels, like specific social media platforms, that suit your needs.

  1. Landing Pages: Initiating with a landing page is always a good idea. This could be the primary page of your website or a dedicated page like 'yourdomain.com/specialoffer'. The primary purpose of this page is to spotlight a complimentary offering you provide in exchange for the visitor's details. Typically, it's a straightforward page with a headline or two, an image (like an eCover of the freebie), a brief description, and the sign-up box.

  2. Blog Sidebar: Utilizing the sidebar of your blog can be effective. This vertical section can feature a concise headline, an image of the free item, and the sign-up form, making it easier for blog visitors to subscribe and receive regular updates or any other bonuses you might be offering.

  3. End of Blog Posts: Placing the opt-in box at the conclusion of your blog articles can be strategic. If a visitor has consumed your entire content, the box at the end serves as a reminder, capturing their information just as they're about to leave.

  4. Digital Product Sales: When you sell a digital product, platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Plus allow you to send a confirmation email via your chosen autoresponder to the purchaser. This method is significant because these individuals are already verified customers. Once they've demonstrated their interest, it's your turn to consistently deliver value, both with your products and through your email communications.

Lastly, if you ever encounter someone who directly requests to be added to your list, tools like Aweber, GetResponse and Active Campaign provide functionalities to add subscribers manually, followed by a confirmation email to ensure the action was consensual.

Understanding Broadcast vs. Follow Up Emails

As you venture into email marketing, you'll encounter two primary types of emails: follow up emails and broadcast emails. Grasping the distinction between these is crucial in determining the best communication strategy for your audience.

Follow Up Emails: These are automated emails pre-set in your system to be sent to every new subscriber. For instance, if you're in the fitness sector and promise a weekly workout tip for an entire year, you can set up 52 emails in your autoresponder, designed to be dispatched every seven days. It's a convenient, automated approach.

However, a potential pitfall of this method is the risk of content becoming outdated. If you're including time-sensitive information, it may become irrelevant in the future. Therefore, when using this approach, it's advised to keep your content evergreen, ensuring its longevity and relevance.

Broadcast Emails: These are sent exclusively to subscribers on your list at the moment of dispatch. Anyone who joins your list post this won't receive that particular email. It's ideal for sharing current events, promotions, or any other time-sensitive information. Some marketers prefer using solely broadcast emails, bypassing the follow up emails altogether.

Incorporating both types can also work. For instance, you might send an evergreen weekly newsletter as a follow up and use broadcast emails for spontaneous, time-sensitive announcements. However, be wary of overloading your subscribers. Sending a follow up and a broadcast email on the same day might be overwhelming for some recipients.

One essential follow up email to have is a welcome message for new subscribers. This email delivers the promised freebie or bonus and sets the tone for future interactions. It ensures a positive introduction to your content. Beyond this, whether you decide on a more automated or hands-on email strategy depends on your preference and the needs of your audience.

Understanding the Ideal Frequency of Communication with Your List

Ideal Email Frequency

One of the primary concerns for new marketers is determining the right frequency for sending emails. It's analogous to figuring out the ideal length of an eBook. Shouldn't it only be as extensive as necessary to communicate its content effectively?

Just as you'd want an eBook to provide value without unnecessary filler, irrespective of its length, your email frequency should strike the right balance. Although some may believe a longer book offers more value, the quality of content is what truly matters, not the volume.

With emails, the principle remains the same. Quality over quantity is key. Finding the right frequency is a balance between catering to your subscribers' preferences and ensuring your communications are relevant and timely.

While you can't cater to everyone's individual preference, remember that some subscribers might be displeased with frequent emails, while others might be concerned if they don't hear from you regularly.

It's crucial not to let too much time lapse between communications, risking your subscribers forgetting who you are. Conversely, inundating them with multiple daily emails may not be the best approach, unless the nature of your niche demands it. For instance, a stock market niche might necessitate frequent updates, whereas most other niches are fine with daily or weekly emails.

It's imperative to send emails with purpose. If you find yourself without any valuable information to share, consider if your chosen niche lacks depth or if you need to enhance your research skills to uncover engaging content for your subscribers.

Beyond frequency, the length of the email is another point of consideration. Ensure your emails are concise and effectively communicate your message. Gauge your audience's responses to determine if they prefer brief, direct emails or more in-depth communications. Remember, always prioritize delivering value to your subscribers.

Learning how to build a database of loyal subscribers is the most effective thing you can do to ensure your online business success.

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