September 3, 2021

Internet Business Ideas

Every Internet Business Starts with an Idea

Your idea is the subject matter or theme that your business is going to be all about. It is a decision that you should give careful consideration to. It’s the first important decision that you have to make in the long process of developing an online business.

Your entire website or blog should be based on something that is both appealing to yourself and to the visitors that you want to attract to your site and make sales to.

Unlike the bricks and mortar world, it costs very little to start an online business so the chances are that you will eventually own several.

This of course has the advantage that each one only needs to earn a small amount for it to all add up to a decent income. And if just one of them takes off, you can do very well indeed.
But it also means don't hesitate too much.

Avoid "paralyses by analysis" and jump right in, even if it's just for the learning experience.

Learn the 4 Things You Must Know to Start Your Internet Business Idea


Becoming a YouTuber

The Push-Button Solution Doesn't Exist

Once you start investigating the creation of your own online business, you'll be inundated with offers that sound too good to be true.

(Heads up: They are.)

Typically, they promote what I call push-button solutions. The sales copy will be very convincing and will tell you that you can make an online fortune without

  • a website
  • hosting fees
  • SEO or any other "technical stuff"
  • paid advertising
  • your own product
  • etc etc.
Internet Business Idea

Buy their solution, click a couple of buttons and fight off a tsunami of rabid buyers, all eager to buy from you. To buy what is never made totally clear.

But it only takes 10 minutes a day and requires no experience.

Yeah, right.

Fact is, any business requires work, especially in the early stages. For an online business, it's essential to have a website, product to sell (which doesn't have to be yours, of course; Amazon doesn't manufacture anything) a sales funnel, automatic payments and, of course, visitors.

But it starts with the idea. You must have a vision in your brain of what your business is going to be all about. That doesn't mean it has to leap fully-fledged into your head. As you proceed along your journey, your ideas will evolve and change. And, of course, one idea may lead to another that you set up as a second business. And then a third and so on.

But it's that first idea that provides the initial excitement. That leads to your domain name, your web host, your website and the formation of your "tribe".

Your Internet Business: The 4 Things You Must Know

01 The 4 Things You Must Know Magazine

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