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August 23, 2021

Best WordPress Themes for 2022

The Best WordPress Themes

New website creators probably spend more time worrying about what theme to use than any other website factor.

They are often disappointed to discover that, whatever theme they use, their initial (empty) WordPress website looks more or less the same (and pretty ordinary at that).

This is because it's WordPress itself that governs the overall structure of a website. The theme manipulates various aspects of this structure but its effect can't really be seen until content has been added.

I believe that the most effective theme available is the Thrive Theme Builder available with the Thrive Suite. It has to be seen (or, rather, used) to be believed. Instead of imposing a structure on you, Theme Builder allows you to create your theme by controlling every aspect of it, including not only the appearance but global variables such as colors and typography. This allows unlimited experimentation, as a single change instantly takes effect across your entire website.

But if you'd prefer to just use a ready made theme, Thrive's original legacy themes are still available and are continuously kept up to date. They are summarized in this article.

WordPress Themes

10 WordPress Business Website Themes

I've been an enthusiastic user of Thrive Themes and Plugins for nearly three years and wouldn't be without them.

I believe that they are the best WordPress themes available and are the first, and frequently the only set of business themes and plugins I install on a new WordPress site.

The 10 WordPress business website themes that you have access to as soon as you install Thrive are the best conversion optimized WordPress themes available.

This article will take a quick look at each of them.


1. The FocusBlog WordPress Business Website Theme

The perfect theme for creating simple, clean, conversion-focused blogs or business websites

FocusBlog WordPress Business Website Theme

FocusBlog is a real multi-purpose theme. That means you can use it to create a corporate website, a marketing site with landing pages and sales pages, a site for a local business and much more.

But the theme gets its name from where it shines the most: presenting a beautiful, conversion-focused blog. 

Right out of the box you get a clean, professional and uncluttered design with beautiful readability and a layout that makes everything fall naturally into place. Guide your reader's attention to where it matters most using the eye-catching Focus Area designs, built to put more subscribers on your mailing list and get more clicks for your important links.

FocusBlog Color Styles

Easily switch between 5 vibrant color styles and pick one of 8 pre-designed colors for every short code element you add to your content.

Alternatively, use the customization options to set your own colors.

Everything about this theme is 100% mobile responsive, so your website will look great on any device & screen size.

2. The L U X E WordPress Business Website Theme

The uncluttered, minimalist & gorgeously luxurious theme for your WordPress blog

Luxe WordPress Business Website Theme

Luxe is a theme that is all about stripping away the distractions and the unessential, and keeping only what truly matters for making your site beautiful and functional.

A minimal design style with subtle highlights and typography that has been optimized for readability make for a design that looks good without seeming like it's trying too hard. But it's not just about looks: the theme is designed to put your content front and center and improve your visitor's reading experience on your site.

In addition, you also get a full suite of conversion-focused features such as integration with autoresponder services, so you can grow your list, the ability to show targeted opt-in forms and calls to action and much more.

Luxe Color Styles

Available in multiple color styles. Easily switch the entire theme style between multiple colors or use the customizer options to set your own custom colors. For short code elements, widgets and Focus Areas, you also have a choice of multiple colors, to give your site an individualized look and feel.

3. The Ignition WordPress Business Website Theme

Ignite your sales with this WordPress theme focused on creating effective marketing pages and blog posts

Ignition WordPress Business Website Theme

Present Your App or Product in the Best Light.

Ignition is a theme that's very well suited for building a marketing website. You can easily create an effective homepage layout that can be used to drive sales or free trial signups.

For sales pages, feature tours and any other page meant to convert your visitors, the page templates and short codes available in Ignition will give you all the tools you need. But that's not all: of course, this theme also features a fully functional blog, a wide range of widgets and more. Another highlight is the attention grabbing "ribbon" you can display at the top of posts or pages, to drive clicks towards the most important parts of your site.

Give Ignition a try and you'll find a highly flexible theme with a clean and professional design.

Ignition Color Styles

Available in multiple color styles. Easily switch the entire theme style between multiple colors or use the customizer options to set your own custom colors. For short code elements, widgets and Focus Areas, you also have a choice of multiple colors, to give your site an individualized look and feel.

4. The M - N U S WordPress Business Website Theme

Minimal in design, but packed with features: this is the multi-purpose theme for your next project

Minus WordPress Business Website Theme

Less is More... When Applied the Right Way.
The first thing you'll notice about the Minus theme is the strikingly minimal design. Most pages are carefully composed with typography, white space and very little else. This minimal design makes the theme highly adaptable to almost any purpose and any brand (especially when you start using Thrive's theme customization options).

However, don't be fooled by the "less is more" approach Thrive took to the visuals of this theme: under the hood, Minus packs the full range of multi-purpose features you've come to expect from Thrive Themes. From detailed theme and post/page level options to lead generation features built right into the theme, Minus is equipped with everything you need to get more subscribers, sell more products and dazzle with better content.

Give the Minus theme a try and you'll find a highly flexible theme with a clean and professional design.

Minus Color Styles

There are subtle but eye catching color highlights used throughout the theme and you can easily switch between several color styles in just a few clicks. In addition, there are custom color, background and image options available in the theme customizer and you can choose different colors for Focus Areas, widgets and short code elements.

5. The Squared WordPress Business Website Theme

A fully featured marketing theme with a bold, flat-design style, multimedia post formats and more.

Squared WordPress Business Website Theme

Bold Design + Made for Marketing = Squared.

Squared is a theme that makes attention-grabbing design choices without losing sight of the business factor. Too many themes try too hard to be especially fancy or "different" looking and end up losing out on usability. With Squared, you can give your site a striking and unforgettable look, but all the conversion best-practices are still in place.

Like all our themes, Squared comes equipped with everything you need to create a stunning blog, build your mailing list with targeted opt-in forms, create high-converting landing pages, sales pages, boost social sharing and followers and more.

If you've been looking for a theme that will help you create a site that combines great marketing pages with a beautiful blog for your content marketing, look no further.

Squared Color Styles

Theme, Short Code & Widget Color Styles.

The Squared theme can be easily switched between 6 general color styles (blue, green, orange, purple, teal and red). In addition, you can use the theme customizer to set custom colors for various theme elements and you can even change the title section color, image and behavior on individual posts and pages.

The extensive range of short code elements and custom widgets are also available in multiple color styles.

6. The VO))ICE WordPress Business Website Theme

A unique blogging theme that puts your content front and center. Optimized for readability.

Voice WordPress Business Website Theme

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Voice is a theme that emphasizes content & authors. The unique, header-less design and the typography put your content in the spotlight. In addition, the post author is prominently displayed next to the content, making it ideal for personal branding (works for single author and multi-author sites). Alternatively, you can remove the author-focus and just display a logo instead.

The sidebar in this theme is kept narrow, to give more room to your content. It is also partially static and partially scrolling, so that you can keep your most important links instantly available, while adding lots of additional content, related content or other widgets in the scrolling section.

The result is a theme that is highly usable and easy to navigate for your visitors, makes your content shine and still comes with all the conversion focused features you're used to from Thrive Themes.

Voice Color Styles

Color Choices, Color Tones and Sidebar Options.

Easily switch between multiple color styles to change the highlight colors and the overall look and feel of your theme. In addition, you can also switch between a "warm" or "cool" theme tone, to further customize your site.

Voice Sidebar Color Styles

You also have control over what to display in the sidebar area of the theme.

You can choose to display a default background image, dynamically change the background to reflect the featured image of the current post or page, set a custom color or set a custom background image.

7. The Performag WordPress Business Website Theme

A theme built from the ground up to increase the revenue of magazine and news websites.

Performag WordPress Business Website Theme

The First True Magazine Theme for WordPress.

There are many so-called magazine and news themes available for WordPress, but all they do is give your site a certain look. Performag goes much further than that. It's not about looks, it's about the machinery inside this theme. Performag is built from the ground up to increase ad revenue, increase social sharing and increase user engagement on your site. In short: it's streamlined for the business purposes of a magazine website.

From the built in ad manager to the magazine layouts and infinite scrolling on blog pages and related posts to features designed to boost social sharing, everything serves the purpose of making your site more profitable.

If you run a news website or any other form of site monetized with ads, Performag will help you make more money. It's as simple as that.

Performag Color Styles

Theme Styles & Custom Color Choices. The theme is available in "light" and "dark" styles and you can set color highlights to show in one of 6 different pre-set colors.

In addition, you can set custom colors for different categories, to highlight them throughout your site. In the theme customizer, you can also apply custom backgrounds and custom colors to various theme elements, so that there are almost no limits to the ways in which you can personalize your site.

8. The PRESSIVE WordPress Business Website Theme

Meet Pressive, an impressive and functional design, streamlined to help you grow your business

Pressive WordPress Business Website Theme

The Perfect Design Balance for Your Site.

If your site's design is too flashy, it will be impressive but it will also distract from your content. If your design is too generic and too "comfortable", it won't distract your visitors but it also won't be memorable.

Pressive strikes the perfect balance between the two. You get a theme with a distinct character, but the focus is still where it needs to be: on your content, your offers, your conversion elements.

Whether you want to build a fully featured marketing website, a collection of brilliant sales pages or just a conversion focused blog, Pressive has you covered.

Pressive could just be the theme that changes the way you think about WordPress themes.

Pressive Color Styles

Switch Theme, Short Code & Widget Colors.

With just a click, you can switch between 6 major color schemes for Pressive, each one giving the site a different and distinctive look. You can also choose between different colors for many of the widgets, Focus Areas and dozens of short codes available in the theme.

9. The Storied WordPress Business Website Theme

A WordPress theme specialized for blogging. Your very own conversion focused blog awaits...

Storied WordPress Business Website Theme

Tell Your Story, Grow Your Business.

Storied is a theme that was primarily built for blogging. You have a story to tell and through beautifully formatted multi-media posts (video, audio, image and other media posts are supported), you connect with your readers and build your audience.

But of course, no theme is a Thrive Theme without a strong and clear conversion focus as well. Use stylish Focus Areas to grow your mailing list, add call to action buttons and other conversion elements to your posts and create stunning landing pages, sales pages, pricing tables and more. The perfect blog is one that creates a strong backbone for your business and that's exactly what Storied can do for you.

If your business revolves around blogging and story-telling, this is the theme you've been waiting for.

Storied Color Styles

Switch Colors & Visual Styles With Ease.

As with all Thrive themes, Storied is available in multiple color settings and you can switch colors of all short code elements you use to build your pages. But customization goes further than that...

Whether you want a website that dazzles and captivates with strong colors and imagery (left) or a minimal blog that's all about the written word (right) - the site you need is just a few clicks away.

10. The Rise WordPress Business Website Theme

An elegant and effective theme for blogging, affiliate marketing and other online businesses

Built in Collaboration with an Affiliate Marketing Veteran.

The origin of the Rise theme was a simple question: "what does the ideal blogging theme look like?"

The key to what makes Rise tick lies in whom Thrive asked this question of... Zac Johnson has been a successful affiliate marketer for longer than most of us have even known the Internet existed. Together with him, Thrive came up with the concept for Rise and kept refining it until the theme beat everything else available by miles, for this specific purpose.

If you run a blog and make money through affiliate marketing and selling your own products, Rise may just be the theme you've been waiting for...

Rise Color Styles

Flexible Color Options for the Theme, Widgets, Shortcodes and More.

With just a click, you can switch between five color schemes for Rise, each one giving the site a different and distinctive look. You can also choose between different colors for many of the widgets, Focus Areas and dozens of short codes available in the theme.

As an enthusiastic user of Thrive Themes and Plugins over the past couple of years, I have built up a fair bit of experience and knowledge. Please ask any questions you may have in the Comment box below (under my profile). I will always endeavour to provide an answer as quickly as possible.

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