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Here Are the Bonuses You Get When You Buy Ripple Through My Link

1. Free Google AI Bard Traffic

Bard Bonus Graphic

2. AI Super Affiliate Funnels

AI Funnel Bonus Graphic

3. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 9-Video Training Course


Introduction Thumbnail

Choose Your Niche

Choose Your Niche Thumbnail

Register Your Domain Name

Domain Name Thumbnail Wide

Engage a Web Host

Web Host Thumbnail

Create Your Website

Website Thumbnail

Build Out Your Website

Build Out Website Thumbnail

Get Affiliate Agreements

Super Affiliate Challenge Logo

Create Landing Pages

Landing Page Thumbnail

Direct Traffic to Landing Pages

Direct Traffic Thumbnail

4. Build an Email List Training Course


How to Build an Email List 1 Thumbnail

Create a Lead Magnet

How to Build an Email List 2 Thumbnail

Build Your Funnel

How to Build an Email List 3 Thumbnail

Connect an Autoresponder

How to Build an Email List 4 Thumbnail

Create an Email Follow-up Series

How to Build an Email List 5 Thumbnail

5. ChatGPT: How to Benefit from the AI Creator Everyone's Talking About

ChatGPT Book Cover Medium

6. ChatGPT: The Art of the Prompt + Build an Email List with ChatGPT

ChatGPT Prompt Cover Medium
Build an Email List with ChatGPT Medium

7. Affiliate Marketing Kickstart

The 4 Things You Must Know Book
How to Target Youe Niche Medium
How to Register a Domain Name Medium

8. Two Additional Bonuses

You will be able to select two additional bonuses from a list supplied by the vendor.