How to Download, Unzip and Store a File

If you acquire a product from me, whether free or purchased, you may be directed to a download button, which will download a zip file containing the product. This is the process:

The simplest procedure is to click the button. The file will then be copied into the Downloads folder.

Use File Explorer (shipped with Windows and usually available as an icon on the Task Bar) to display all the folders on your disk drive.

The Downloads folder will be there and should contain the file you've just downloaded.

You should also see your Documents folder. I suggest you create a sub-folder using the name of your online business and move the file from into it from the Downloads folder. You can do this with a click and drag or you can right-click and select Move.

The idea is to have somewhere meaningful that you can retrieve the file whenever you want to see it.

Now you need to extract the actual file from the .zip file. This is simple.

Right-click on the .zip file and select Extract All.

This will extract the file(s) that were stored in the .zip file. By default, they will be extracted into a sub-folder with the name of the zip file, though you can overwrite this before doing the extraction.