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Internet Marketing Fast 101

5 Lessons

101-1 IM Fast Introduction


There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when you make your first online sale. Particularly if it happens overnight, while you’re asleep. This can happen frequently, when the bulk of your sales come from the other side of the world.

There are no limits.

Imagine waking up, checking your computer and there it is, your first sale!
And you know that if you can make 1, you can make 5. And then 10, then 100 and then 1,000 until suddenly you’re making more from what started as a side hustle than most executives make from their 60-hour, relationship-destroying week.

It’s All About the Internet

There has never been an opportunity like the one available to you now. Never before in the entire history of the human race have everyday people like you and me been able to start a business from next to nothing and make it available to the entire planet a few days later.

You Are Creating a Business

The first thing you need to get your head around is that you are creating a business.
And you have to know the answers to the same questions that you would ask for any business.

It Starts with Branding

Just like in the off-line world, your brand is your identity. It's vital to get it right.

101-2 How to Select a Niche

How to Select a Niche

What Is My Business All About?

If you are starting any sort of business, whether it's bricks and mortar or an online business, the first question you have to ask yourself is "What is my business all about?"

Choosing Your Niche

In the online world, it's called choosing your niche and, although it's very important, bear in mind that it may be just the first of many online businesses that you are going to own.

Low Start-up Cost

Unlike the bricks and mortar world, it costs very little to start an online business so the chances are that you will eventually own several. This of course has the advantage that each one only needs to earn a small amount for it to all add up to a decent income. And if just one of them takes off, you can do very well indeed.

Jump Right In

But it also means don't hesitate too much.
Avoid "paralyses by analysis" and jump right in. But there are two ways of going about it. They are called the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way can cost you your business!

101-3 Registering Your Domain Name

Registering Your Domain Name

A Simple Process

If you've never registered a domain name before and pointed it at a website, the process might seem difficult, bur it's not.

I go through it step by step with clear illustrations.

Fortunately, one of the best domain name registrars is also one of the cheapest.

Your Business Address

Just as a good street address is important to a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name is important to an online business. It's where your business lives and it's one way your customers find you.

But what makes a good domain name?

Well, first of all, it has to reflect your business. When a prospective visitor sees it, they should be in no doubt as to what your business is about. In addition, there are other desirable characteristics and they are all covered in this lesson.

101-4 Hosting Your Website

Hosting Your Website

What is a website host?

A website host is a computer connected to the internet where your website is stored. When someone enters your website’s domain name into a search engine, the search engine retrieves your website’s details from the website host and displays them.

Good and Bad Website Hosts

A good host will make sure that your website is up and available all of the time and will render your website quickly and accurately. It will be optimized for WordPress and protect you against spam. It won't crash when you experience high traffic volume and will have a help desk staffed by friendly, technically knowledgeable people with good English communication skills. And they won't handle every issue by suggesting that you upgrade your plan. Some hosts with a bad reputation amongst those who know are also the heaviest advertisers, so it pays to get good advice.

101-5 Getting Paid

Getting Paid

In Internet Marketing Fast 301, you'll be learning about different ways to monetize your new site. Each of these will have one thing in common. They will include a way for your customers to pay you.

Direct Transfer

With some affiliate marketing, you simply provide your bank account details and they pay you by direct bank transfer.

Credit Card Payments

For others and for an e-commerce store and certainly if you are selling your own product, you will need to take credit card payments from your customers.

Payment Gateways

There are a number of payment gateways that allow you to do this and this lesson leads you through the details of how to apply and how to set each one of them up.

At the end of IM Fast 101, you will have gained an overall understanding of creating an internet business and the road map you will follow to get there. You will have selected your business niche and registered a suitable domain name. You will have selected a web host and created an account with them, ready to receive your new website. You will already be ahead of most people wanting to create an income while they sleep.

Internet Marketing Fast 201

6 Lessons

201-1 IM Fast A Birdseye View of WordPress

A Birdseye View of WordPress

WordPress is the web’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). It powers more than 34% of the Internet and 60% of CMS users choose WordPress over other CMS platforms.

Ease of Use

This popularity is due in part to the ease-of-use WordPress
has become known for, as well as the dedicated community of WordPress developers that constantly contribute to its core software and provide security fixes, designs, maintenance, resources, and support. WordPress has become one of the most secure and reliable platforms available for website development. The availability of third party themes and plugins, many of them free, continues to add to its functionality.

Themes and Plugins

Because WordPress is open source, that community is also able to contribute to an extensive and growing list of themes and plugins that give users endless ways to customize and add new features to their websites.
The functionality of WordPress itself has also greatly expanded over the years, and it has become the go-to solution for many businesses looking to build out content hubs, eCommerce stores, corporate sites, and a wide range of other digital experiences that help differentiate their businesses online.

Why You Should Use WordPress

This lesson examines why you should use WordPress to develop your business's website.

201-2 IM Fast Jumping Right Into WordPress

Jumping Right Into WordPress

WordPress is arguably the best, easiest and most effective platform to build a commercial website on.
What used to be incredibly difficult has been made a lot easier with WordPress.

Easier But Still Complex

For developers who build websites on a regular basis, WordPress has made the whole process a lot faster.

But many ordinary folk struggle with it.

Themes and Plugins

Much of its strength comes from the huge number of themes and plugins that have been created to extend its functionality. Some are free. Many are not. They don’t all co-exist peacefully. Some used to be good, but haven’t been updated to work with later versions of WordPress. It’s a bit of a minefield.

A Step by Step Plan

I have clients whose websites I've rebuilt and made successful after they'd had a go at it themselves and made a complete hash of it. So it's not the solution for everyone. But Jumping Right Into WordPress will arm you with a the best step by step plan you can get.
This lesson will lead you through installing a basic WordPress site and turning it into an attractive front for your prospective business.

201-3 The Essential Thrive

The Essential Thrive

Thrive Themes and Plugins are a set of conversion optimized themes and plugins that do away with the need for anything else. They work seamlessly with WordPress and with each other and are frequently updated. Thrive University provides in-depth training via text and video.

Exactly What You Need

I’ve been a user of Thrive Themes and Plugins for years and simply would not attempt to build a website without them. They are exactly what you need to build customer-focused, income-producing websites.

Complex or Just Comprehensive?

The Thrive plugins are extraordinarily powerful. Because of this, they can seem complex. They're not, they are just comprehensive. It can be difficult to get your head around everything that they can do,

A 3-Phase Approach

I've taken a 3-phase approach to this. The Essential Thrive, The Thrive User and The Thrive Expert.

The Essential Thrive teaches you exactly that. The essentials. At the end of this lesson, you'll know how to select and install a Thrive theme and how to use Thrive Architect, the easiest and most powerful WordPress editor available, to create your website's pages and blog posts.

Thrive Themes is sold as a membership. For a single membership payment, you get everything available from Thrive, including autoresponder integration, constant updates and access to new plugins, Thrive University and unlimited support

201-4 The Thrive User

The Thrive User

In the previous lesson in this course, The Essential Thrive, you learnt how to get Thrive Themes and Plugins, install the Product Manager plugin, install a theme and some plugins

You learnt how to customize your WordPress website and the basic use of Thrive Architect, Thrive’s drag and drop page editor.

You've learnt enough to create basic but attractive pages and posts.

Advanced Architect

This lesson covers all of Thrive Architect's facilities.

You will learn how to use the advanced features of this powerful editor to make your posts and pages pop.

Buttons 'n' Stuff

Want to add a button that links to a product purchase? It's simple with Architect. Change the appearance of the button as the mouse pointer passes over it? Trivial. Divide your page into columns, add social media links and a countdown timer or a full-screen video. Stuff that's difficult or even impossible otherwise is easy with Thrive Architect.

201-5 The Thrive Expert

The Thrive Expert

The previous lesson, The Thrive User, turned you into an expert user of Thrive Architect, the most comprehensive WordPress editor available.

Complete Your Thrive Expertise

This lesson completes your expertise by teaching you how to use the remaining eight Thrive plugins, along with two other (free) third party plugins, one that shows you Google Analytics graphically right there on your site and one that gives a big boost to your on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Thrive Leads

Want an opt-in that pops up with a free offer when your visitor goes to leave your website? Thrive Leads has you covered.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Want to increase engagement and find out what your visitors really want? Use Quiz Builder to create an interactive quiz and analyze the results.

A/B Split Testing

Create different versions of (for example) headlines and have Thrive automatically show them randomly and select a winner. This is one of the best ways to refine your writing to find out what is really working.

201-6 IM Fast Keyword Rich Articles

Keyword Rich Articles

It's your articles (blog posts) that will stamp you as an authority in your niche and will get you organic traffic from the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

High Rankings

Your primary aim is to get a high ranking that will see you on page 1 of Google and Bing.

It's a mistake to think of the website itself as ranking high.

A high rank is when a blog post (or page, but more often a blog post) appears on page 1 for a particular search term.

Keyword Research

For example, let's say your in the highly competitive weight loss niche. Using the free keyword search tool revealed in this lesson, you determine that the term "weight loss programs for women" gets 3,497 searches per month and has 133 websites competing for it. The term "fast weight loss for women" gets 613 searches per month and has only 52 competing websites.

Monetize the Article

Informative blog posts containing just the right mix of these keywords have a good chance of appearing on page 1 and being clicked on. The blog post will do two things. It will provide useful information to your visitor and will link to a landing page on your website that will promote a relevant product,

At the end of IM Fast 201, you will have made amazing progress. You will have a deep understanding of WordPress and will have used it to build and publish your website using the most powerful set of themes and plugins available. Your keyword rich articles are branding you as an authority in your niche and the search engines are starting to take notice.

Internet Marketing Fast 301

6 Lessons

301-1 IM Fast Setting Up Your Autoresponder

Setting Up Your Autoresponder

The Money Really Is in the List

Once you're involved in internet marketing, sooner or later you'll hear the statement "the money is in the list". There's a good reason for this. It's true.

A Valuable Asset

One of the most valuable assets you can possess is a list of the names and email addresses of customers and prospects. You need to know what their areas of interest are and, if they are customers, what they've bought from you. These people are much more likely to buy from you (again) than a random visitor.

Your Autoresponder

You need a way of capturing their names and email addresses (typically in exchange for a freebie) and a method of following them up with a series of automatic emails. That's what your autoresponder is for.

This lesson covers how you do that. It includes a detailed explanation of how you join and use two of the most popular autoresponder services, one free and one paid. And of course, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

301-2 IM Fast Google Is Your New Best Friend

Google Is Your New Best Friend

Everyone is aware of Google as the predominant search engine, but as an internet marketer, you are going to learn about the many other ways in which Google can help you.

Google Analytics

The very first thing to do is to sign up to Google Analytics.

This will allow you to track your website’s visitors so that you know how many visitors you get, what pages they visit, how long they stay and where they come from. This information is vital to improving your website’s importance.

Other Google Benefits

A Google Analytics account also makes it much easier to get other Google benefits as well, so it’s the logical place to start. For example, instead of waiting days or weeks for Google to find your latest blog post or the updates you made to a landing page, there's a Google service that can reduce this time to a few hours.


To make Analytics work, you need to generate a Google Tracking Id and install it on your website. A Thrive Theme, covered in IM Fast 201, makes it simple. And another plugin displays a graphical picture of Google Analytics right in your website so that you always know what your visitors are doing.

301-3 IM Fast Become An Affiliate Marketer

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Three Business Models

There are three business models that you can implement in order to monetize your website, not counting AdSense or Amazon native ads. I'll cover them as well, but I regard them as extras, rather than a primary business model. They are like a bricks and mortar business that makes a bit of extra cash by letting someone advertise on the side of their building.

Affiliate Marketing

The first business model is Affiliate Marketing and it's where many new internet businesses start. Done well, it can be very lucrative for relatively low effort.

You partner up with other marketers who are already selling products in your niche. There will be a large number of them, from giants like Amazon selling physical products and paying around 5% commission, to giants like ClickBank selling digital products at around 70% commission to individual merchants selling specialized products and with their own commission structure.

Very Important: Build Your Mailing List

It's easy to become overwhelmed, but I'll guide you through the best approaches to getting approved and then creating promotional campaigns that make you money and build your mailing list at the same time.

301-4 IM Fast Own An E-Commerce Store

Own An E-Commerce Store

E-commerce is a great business model, but it's one that frightens off a lot of budding netpreneurs. After completing this lesson, you'll be armed with all the knowledge necessary to own your own successful e-commerce store.

What Is an E-Commerce Store?

An e-commerce store sells related products in a particular niche and is structured into categories that help visitors find what they are looking for. For example, you might have a women's clothing store with categories like shoes, sportswear, underwear, evening dresses, jewellery and so on. Your site's menu structure will reflect this.

$Retail - $Wholesale = $Profit

You are like a traditional store that buys at wholesale, sells at retail and pockets the difference. Less expenses, of course. Except that you don't have any! But does this mean that you have to carry stock that you purchase in advance?

Not if you use a dropship model. This is where you have an agreement with the wholesaler or manufacturer to sell their product, collect payment from the customer and then place the order with the wholesaler, who ships directly to your customer. This lesson covers how you set all that up.

301-5 IM Fast Create and Sell Your Own Product

Create and Sell Your Own Product

Sounds ideal, right? Create a product, sell it, keep 100% of the profit.

But what to create and how to do it?

Well, it may not be as difficult as you might think.

Create Your Product Quickly

This lesson explores several ways of creating your own product that don't involve months of work. And we're talking digital products that your customers can download for instant gratification and which you can get paid for 100% profit over and over again.

Combine 3 Business Models

The great thing is that with the right niche, you can combine all three business models.

Turbocharge Your Business

What you'll end up with is an e-commerce store stocking a variety of products, some physical running under a dropship model, some marketed by affiliated merchants for which you get paid a commission and some your own product, fulfilled by digital download. This takes the concept of internet marketing to a whole new level!

301-6 IM Fast Develop Your Sales Funnels

Develop Your Sales Funnels

Landing Pages

One of the most important things you will learn, once you've got the basics under your belt, is how to create landing pages and use them to create a sales funnel.

The essence of a landing page is that it has no distractions. Not even a menu. It focuses on one single thing and the visitor has only two alternatives - take the desired action or leave.

Sales Funnels

There are many types of sales funnels, but one of the most effective starts with a lead generation page, where the visitor enters their name and email address in exchange for a gift. They are added to your list and your autoresponder emails the download link to them. At the same time, they are transferred to an offer page, which should add value to the free gift. If they don't buy the offer, they are taken to a different, usually cheaper offer that also adds value to the free gift.

This is your sales funnel and the process can be repeated. I will teach you all about sales funnels and how to implement them.

Congratulations! You have completed IM Fast 301 and have graduated. You now know how to build your email list and activate your autoresponder. You can use Google to analyse your traffic and get your blogs and pages indexed quickly. You can further develop your website as an affiliate marketer, an e-commerce store, sell your own product or a combination of all three. And you can create sales funnels for laser targeted campaigns.

Bonus: Master's Degree

7 Bonus Lessons

Your Master's Degree lessons will be emailed to you at the rate of one per day, starting two weeks after you receive Internet Marketing FAST 101, 201 and 301.

Lesson 1: Become An Amazon Affiliate
Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon has the largest affiliate program in the world, but you must know how to apply for it, how to use it and what their rules and regulations are. Although Amazon commissions are low (around 5%) their trust value is high and your customers will feel confident buying from them. And it's possible to sell very high-ticket items. After all, a few 5% commissions on a $10,000 item soon add up. I'll give you examples.

Lesson 2: Find High-Paying Affiliate Programs
High Paying Affiliate Programs

Whatever your niche, there are a large number of excellent affiliate products that you can promote, many with excellent commission rates, some as high as 70%. One product that I promote sells for $69.00 and pays an affiliate fee of $120.00! This is because the company is investing in its future sales, rather than the one immediate sale. This lesson teaches you how to find lucrative affiliate programs.

Lesson 3: Grow Your Social Media Presence
Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a presence too big to ignore and you must have a presence, even if you don't use their advertising channels. This lesson examines the principles that you should apply to all social media outlets, from Facebook/Instagram to Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Lesson 4: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Best Practice
Facebook Best Practise

How to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for free and paid advertising. Best practice, including Facebook's powerful look-alike audience feature. The right and wrong way of using Facebook advertising.

Lesson 5: Pinterest and LinkedIn Best Practice
Pinterest Best Practise

Pinterest is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful social media platforms for the online entrepreneur. An increasingly large number of Pinterest users are now going to the platform specifically to shop. Like LinkedIn, it's a golden opportunity to put your offer in front of a proven buying audience.

Lesson 6: Becoming a YouTuber
Becoming a YouTuber

If you want to get eyeballs onto your offers, then you simply must create short, promotional YouTube videos that entertain and deliver value. If you want to deliver a high-ticket training course, it must include video. And one of the best ways of ensuring a visitor sticks to your landing page is to include a video that they'll want to watch. This lesson is all about creating and hosting videos using both free and paid tools.

Lesson 7: Manipulating Your Images
Image Manipulation

You only have a few seconds to grab your visitor's attention when they land on your post or page. And very often, the decision to stay or go is governed by the impact of your images. This lesson covers where and how you can find stunning, royalty free images and free software that you can use to manipulate them for maximum impact and minimum load time.

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