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Many of you will know that I got my start in Internet Marketing and Online Business through Wealthy Affiliate. Their training is legendary. They will teach you everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing and I, as your mentor, will teach you everything else.

With a monthly premium membership to Wealthy Affiliate, you get all of the training modules (including videos that you can watch as many times as you want) free hosting for up to 50 websites on one of the fastest and most reliable server arrays available and access to a worldwide community of others on the same journey as you.

Premium membership is great value at US$49 per month, which works out to US$588 a year.

Or you can buy a yearly membership for US$495.

To put that in perspective, it's less than $1.36 per day. Most people spend 4 or 5 times that every day on coffee!

Wealthy Affiliate has just made some amazing updates to their offering. This is an email that Kyle (one of WA's founders) sent me recently:

"Hey Phil,

Today I wanted to reach out to let you know that we are just as few days away from Black Friday festivities at Wealthy Affiliate. It is always a really exciting time of the year for members at WA as we always have an amazing Black Friday offer up our sleeves!

This year is going to be a little different though. Let me explain...

In early November, we released our brand new version of Wealthy Affiliate. This was a major undertaking, something that we hav been working on since mid 2019 (so it was an 14 month project). We re-imagined, and recreated the entire platform and introduced some brand new platforms, and a brand new bundled membership, called Premium Plus+.

If you have been active within the community lately, you will have noticed all of these changes. They have been very well received, and everyone is loving the new WA...and we anticipate that continuing as we roll out our next 12 months of planned innovations and evolutions at WA. People are absolutely loving Premium Plus+ and what it has to offer.

We have decided to include both Premium & Premium Plus in this years Black Friday offers, so you can choose according to what fits you and your situation best. So stay tuned for details of both, but I can tell you that there is going to be a nice discount available for both Premium, and Premium Plus+ yearly memberships and some awesome bonuses.

The excitement around this has been AMAZING thus far and I sense that A LOT of people are going to be taking advantage of it.

I want to let you in on something quickly.

This year has been tough on a lot of people, and businesses. The reality is, that during economic downturns like this you can either let IT "win", or YOU can "win" and come out of it on top.

Carson and I have been through 2008, which in terms of the economy was one of the worst economic periods in the last 100 years. We survived that as a business, and were able to come out much better than ever...while we saw competitors around us failing an filing for bankruptcy.

So how were we able to thrive as a result of a downturn in the economy? How were others able to do the same?

This is what I want to discuss...

Before I explain how to "pandemic proof" your business, I need to prelude it with a story.

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I become a successful affiliate?" I get it probably no less than 30 times per day.

Looking back, I entered the affiliate marketing world in complete silence. I never bought a product. I have never bought an e-book. I never invested any money in tools or services (other than hosting and a domain).


I was full time in college and that means I wasn’t working, I had a tight budget, and I actually had to sell my car to fund my schooling. In fact, I had to borrow my girlfriend's (now wife) credit card to get started with my online business. And there was no platform available to me like there is with Wealthy Affiliate. Not even close.

I don’t want to sell you on the idea of rags to riches though, I would rather sell you on the idea of the “process”. The process I learned I had to create for myself, and it is a process that works 18 years later. I had to “grind” my way into learning it.

So you might be wondering what the heck is this "process"?

First and foremost, this is EXACTLY what we teach at Wealthy Affiliate. Over the last 18 years I have had a lot of time to think about this process and develop training and walk-throughs to help people understand and replicate my success.

I have also worked directly with many "superstar" affiliates that are running thriving 6 and 7 figure enterprises online. Between my 10,000's of hours of dedication to the affiliate marketing world and working and helping literally millions of others, I have discovered a great deal.

And through this journey, there have been many ups and downs. Not just related to business that are the direct result of my/our doing, but also things that are out of your control like an economic downturn, pandemic, etc.

I have done some really deep thinking on this topic over the past year. I started out by looking inward and trying to discover some things that I may be doing naturally without really knowing, that are leading to success. Then I looked at what others successful affiliates are doing, some subtle things, that are leading them to thriving businesses during these crazy times.

Then I looked at some of the common characteristics of those that are failing, over and over again. There are some obvious patterns and behaviours that I started to discover.

I found a lot of clues. In fact, I have discovered enough clues, and commonalities amongst those that are succeeding that I have decided to document these ideas and provide them to a few lucky people. These are things that could either be limiting your success, or that could be leading to your success that you need to be doing NOW.

These include "micro" insights. From the initial selection of the niche to building your website, to choosing products to promote, to creating brand, to researching my audience and how I do that, to turn visitors into creating customers, scaling with maximum efficiency, finding sources of unlimited "high quality" traffic, and ultimately becoming full Full time and far beyond.

That is what I want to teach you….up close and personal.

The stuff that I (and other ultra successful affiliates) do without thinking sometimes is often times the most powerful education I could ever offer somebody. Not just that, but the things that I KNOW you need to do to thrive in the year ahead, in the midst of economic uncertainty, the establish yourself a very successful and growing business online.

So this year, I am going to be doing something fun, and engaging with the folks that take part in this Black Friday event. I am going to be offering an "Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021 - Ask Me Anything" where I take community questions, as well as share my own personal insights and experiences on being successful...year round.

If you are struggling online or have reached a plateau in your business, you are going to want to take part in this. It could very well change your life, at the very least lead you to becoming a much more skilled marketer online in the year ahead.

So, on Friday, November 27th, when we offer you our Yearly Premium & Premium Plus+ membership at steep DISCOUNTS, do realize that you are getting access to the most helpful, most powerful & comprehensive online platform in the world for Internet entrepreneurs. You are also going to get an over the shoulder look at what you can do in the year ahead to make 2021 a year of brilliance for YOU and YOUR affiliate business.

Make sure you do not miss our email next Friday labelled “Black Friday...the OFFER!” where we will be outlining the offer, the bonuses, and the exciting year ahead at WA. Stay tuned!



You can watch Kyle's introductory video HERE.

You can get your Wealthy Affiliate subscription HERE. (After you get your free starter membership, you must immediately upgrade to the Premium or Premium Plus membership to get my discounted Done-for-You website).

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Done For You Website

Recently, I've designed a new type of website that I call Affiliate Commerce. It looks like an e-commerce site but is in fact promoting affiliate products with a high affiliate commission. So it has the best of both worlds. A catalog of products for customers to choose from, but no inventory and no ordering on suppliers. Just generous commission payments, including both initial and repeat orders. I also include an opt-in to build my email list. Here's one of my websites built using this model:

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Emma Morgan

Funky Cool Interiors

My overall experience was great, I can't recommend Phil enough

I love my website, it is awesome. Phil added everything I asked for and made it very user friendly

Phil was in contact with me often to make sure it was going in the direction I wanted.

I didn't have any target deadlines, but my website was ready in a very short time.

I would certainly use Phil's services again

Thank you Phil, I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating my site.

Funky Cool Interiors

Jan White

Drug-Free Therapies

I heard about Phil and his years of I.T. experience through a colleague. I needed to find a better way to set up my posts. I contacted Phil and he was great to work with, he brings so much experience to the table and he is very patient. He recommended that I use Thrive Architect for better results and he was right!

I love Thrive, it's so much easier than Word Press to make awesome posts and so much easier to add images and navigate through the program. Phil was a wealth of knowledge and he answered all my questions which took the stress out of changing to Thrive.

Yes it was a learning process, but one that was very worthwhile, I can't image what it would have been like without Phil to walk me through the first couple of posts though, He was terrific,

There wasn't a deadline with the work that Phil was helping me with, but I know from other work that he has done for other colleagues that's he is very pedantic when it comes to time management. He can be trusted to get the work done on time.

Would I use Phil's services again? Absolutely!!

Thanks Phil, you've got me as a client for life!

Drug-Free Therapies

Gold Coast Dental Implants

Winky Dog

Jill Falls

Jill's Herbs

I loved the first website that Phil built for me so much that I contracted with him to build me another in a niche I'm passionate about, growing and cooking with herbs. It's Phil has suggested I register as well and he'll point it to the same site. I don't really understand this stuff, but it sounds good.

The new website looks great, it is amazing. Phil added everything I asked for, made it very user friendly and any changes I request are made the same day.

Phil even gave me a book on organic gardening that he had PLR rights to and created a new cover for it showing me as the author. We are going to use it as a giveaway on the site to start building me email list. I'm really excited about this. I didn't have to do anything technical, Phil created a free account with an autoresponder for me and connected the giveaway to it from my website.

All target deadlines were met or bettered and my website was ready in a very short time.

I can highly recommend Phil's services. He goes the extra mile.

Thank you Phil, I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating both of my sites.

Jill's Herbs


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