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But Please Read This First

It's a sad fact that over 96% of people who try internet marketing fail. This is because there are so many aspects that you need to get right. And many of them are highly technical and simply too difficult for many people. And that's a shame. Because the potential to make a life-changing income is there.

That's why I've created this offer for you. It's called...

DONE FOR YOU Internet Marketing

Get Your Internet Business Started FAST

Let Me Create a Life-Changing Internet Business for You!

Just knowing what needs to be done isn't enough by itself to create your new internet business. It's very easy to get discouraged as you wrestle with the complexities. You have to select a niche, register a domain name, organize web hosting and create a website.

That's just the start. You've still got to research keywords, publish keyword rich articles that rank you as an authority in your niche and tackle SEO (search engine optimization).

And there's still no income. That requires setting up affiliate links, tackling e-commerce and/or creating your own product. Not to mention building landing pages and funnels that lead your visitors through the buying process.

The buying process itself requires integration with a payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe.

It's no wonder that over 96% of those who try to get into internet marketing give it away as too difficult.

What if There Was an Easier Way?

One that was guaranteed to get you past all of that and deliver an attractive,  professional website with everything already set up.

Here's What You Get

  1. Your choice of business niche. Choose from:
    • Coffee
    • Health and Fitness
    • Photography
    • House and Home
    • Pets
    • or choose your own.
  2. Your own .com domain name for your chosen business niche.
  3. A beautiful, conversion optimized website, including all required pages for legal compliance, built-in search engine optimization, set up and ready to be monetized.
  4. Website hosting on a fast, reliable server array with SSL security.

You could easily pay thousands for this, but under this deal it's yours for just $497.00. Yes, that's including everything above.

Emma Morgan

Funky Cool Interiors

My overall experience was great, I can't recommend Phil enough

I love my website, it is awesome. Phil added everything I asked for and made it very user friendly

Phil was in contact with me often to make sure it was going in the direction I wanted.

I didn't have any target deadlines, but my website was ready in a very short time.

I would certainly use Phil's services again

Thank you Phil, I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating my site.

Funky Cool Interiors

Jan White

Drug-Free Therapies

I heard about Phil and his years of I.T. experience through a colleague. I needed to find a better way to set up my posts. I contacted Phil and he was great to work with, he brings so much experience to the table and he is very patient. He recommended that I use Thrive Architect for better results and he was right!

I love Thrive, it's so much easier than Word Press to make awesome posts and so much easier to add images and navigate through the program. Phil was a wealth of knowledge and he answered all my questions which took the stress out of changing to Thrive.

Yes it was a learning process, but one that was very worthwhile, I can't image what it would have been like without Phil to walk me through the first couple of posts though, He was terrific,

There wasn't a deadline with the work that Phil was helping me with, but I know from other work that he has done for other colleagues that's he is very pedantic when it comes to time management. He can be trusted to get the work done on time.

Would I use Phil's services again? Absolutely!!

Thanks Phil, you've got me as a client for life!

Drug-Free Therapies

Gold Coast Dental Implants

Winky Dog

Jill Falls

Jill's Herbs

I loved the first website that Phil built for me so much that I contracted with him to build me another in a niche I'm passionate about, growing and cooking with herbs. It's Phil has suggested I register as well and he'll point it to the same site. I don't really understand this stuff, but it sounds good.

The new website looks great, it is amazing. Phil added everything I asked for, made it very user friendly and any changes I request are made the same day.

Phil even gave me a book on organic gardening that he had PLR rights to and created a new cover for it showing me as the author. We are going to use it as a giveaway on the site to start building me email list. I'm really excited about this. I didn't have to do anything technical, Phil created a free account with an autoresponder for me and connected the giveaway to it from my website.

All target deadlines were met or bettered and my website was ready in a very short time.

I can highly recommend Phil's services. He goes the extra mile.

Thank you Phil, I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating both of my sites.

Jill's Herbs

But What About Monetizing Your Site?

It's all very well having the most beautiful site on the net, but you're in business to make money, right?

There are two models to follow, and you can use either or both.

As an affiliate marketer, you sell other people's products and collect a commission. For example, you could sell a Breville automatic coffee machine sourced from Amazon or a digital diet program sourced through ClickBank.

With an e-commerce website, you sell physical products, sourced through a supplier like AliExpress. You use a dropship model, where your customer pays you and then you order from the supplier, who delivers direct to your customer.

No matter what, you need to rank high in the search engines. To do this, you need to write informative, keyword-rich articles. You can do other things as well, but this one's the most time consuming.

Here's the Good News

Under this deal, I will do all this stuff for you.

All you do is pay the small weekly fee of $127 and I will not only set you up with affiliate merchants and create your links but I will also create keyword optimized, information rich articles so that your website quickly becomes an authority in your business niche.

Order Now

Click on the Buy Now button below to secure your domain name and hosted website for $497. You will then be taken to another page where you can order your site maintenance for just $127 per week and tell me what niche you would like your business to be in. I will do the rest.